October 11, 2008

HappySlip (Christine) – Take A Bow (cover – with twist)

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I was surfing the YouTube channels to find this particular video interesting. HappySlip talks about the song from Rihanna and how negative the lyrics seems to be in relation to the melody. Indeed, such a sweet melody like that should have a nicer lyrics. In my humble opinion, the lyrics are pretty ingeniously written to fit the melody (or shall we say, cute..?). Any comments? Very nice! =)

Additional lyrics:
You stand before me right now
Telling me all your vows
In front of God and our friends
I’ll stay with you til the end
I pledge my life

After all that I put you through
You have shown your love that is true

And this is what I know
You are not self seeking
It’s your humble heart
That always thinks of others
You are worth the wait
Noble man of honor
I stand before you now
and I accept your vows

For better, for worse
For richer, for poorer
In sickness, and in health
oh I am yours

I stand before you now
and I accept your vows