July 22, 2015

Until Your Heart Stops Beating

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We felt so excited to feel you move inside
Smiling, laughing, we’ve filled ourselves with might

Hear that strong heartbeat brings us joy
We’ve even bought you so many toy

See those hands and legs wiggle as we check you on month by month
You’ll have much great fun with your sis as you want

You were a strong one
You were a good girl
You were innocent
You were so active
We loved you just the same

For that reason too, we loved to have to hold you
But life isn’t that easy to begin with
Turns out life isn’t that easy to end as well

To know you’re all intact
To know you’re almost perfect
Then hearing you got an organ shuffle
Almost hard to bear, but we said we will take good care

Next steps showed us life isn’t compatible with you
Such severe words never reached our thoughts too
So it ends where it began again

Tomorrow we will be facing the end
Hoping you’ll be an angel sooner then
Baby baby guess you’ll be in a better place – ascend

We Do (Love You)

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I can’t stop thinking what it’d be like being you
Different and wrongly fixed, feeling red and blue
Knowing we’ve got your life under our control, but we haven’t much the choice
Feeling you’re ready to be alive but you’re silenced by the noise

We hope one day our future show better light
Abortion because of abnormality shouldn’t be right
I could see your future now, it shines dimly with fear
The shame and pain for you sounds way too much to bear

So I tell you now, my apologies to our little girl
We did what could do, but end up in a insane swirl twirl
Often times we wished, hoped, prayed – to be brave
That there’d be a miracle; you’d be normal, good and be saved

Dreaming of those gorgeous face and laughter, we’d long to hear and see
Like our 2 year old here, she’s everything we wish we’d have and be

When we close our eyes, we know you’re actually here
No matter what happened; we declared you, our missing dear
Remember us, we will remember you the same
Everyone’s trying to survive in this crazy game

So please again, dear Lord. We ask for forgiveness through our prayers
We meant her good intentions, living life good through without repairs
If there’s an angel – again, I ask of you to help her
We’ve done all we could to spare everyone’s life in tear

So here’s forgiveness
So here’s to the lives we live to love
So here’s to compassion
For everyday we feel purely thereof

I often wonder again – why must it be? Something
Sometimes I think too much and felt the pain of Nothing
I sincerely think no one else should be hurt from all this void
Be loved and forever normally overjoyed

Then there is the life we live
Then there’s everyone we’re with
Then there’s the emotions we bear
All just because we care

God, Thank you for your blessing
Clearing our minds instead of stressing or guessing

Understood by heart. For it must be true
That with love, we know what can we do
That for love, we know Just what must we do

We do
Love you

September 7, 2014

Thinking Aloud in Silence

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No, who cares about the simple things
No one cares about the hurt it brings
No one thinks about the sad goodbyes
It won’t matter no matter how many tries

Misty eyes and blurred future
All the changes and weak faces
Covered by the happy lies
Depressed by the mixed ties

Everyone wants to be perfect
It won’t matter how to change your perception
In the end, you feel infatuation
A short feel of love is like the strange infection

All the food you’ve consumed won’t change who you are
All the workout won’t make the look better
Simple things could Bend your future
Complicated and tears of alligator

Why can it be so complicated?
The simplicity is completely overrated
I think I’ve reached my peak of patience
I am ready for my full confessions

All the pain inside my heart has been burning my soul
All the shame inside my pride has been locked inside as told
I feel I need the freedom to mention
All I wanted was a full expression

I guess you’re reading this and you’re torn to wonder
If I’m lost or you’ve found your answer
It’s hard to say
I’m born to obey
I want a way
And I’m not



September 6, 2014


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Waiting for that light romance
Swimming in the distant sea
Keeping your mind intact
Feeling like you’re crazy in fact

Dream the dream you have been wanting
Sleeping so that you can be anywhere else
Holding on to fresh new lies
Letting go of bad new cries

She’s mad and I mean the second
He’s crazy and I mean not for her
They’re busy with babies to life
They’re tickled by the thin disguise

You pretend, you come to ask simply
You come not wanting to fix anything not broken
Though my heart doesn’t bleed
It does beats hard like it’s been beaten

How you ignore the face is truly a travesty
How you play me like I’m to play back the game
We discussed, a lot, but for what, I wonder
We discuss so that you can only ponder
I hold a grudge, I hold a grudge until it’s fixed
I hold my breath until you’ve done thinking I’m ok
I’m not ok, and you’re clearly ok with that
I’m ok now, because you’re done pretending to be ok so we spoke

You do nothing, once again, like you always do
You leave, pretend and play the game of simulation
I wait and I hope you make a move
I wait, sometimes to be filled by you

Your apology always smells of fraud
Your apology is pretend like the obvious face you feed me
Most of all, your curse is all I get
Your course of action is mainly defence and retaliation

I’m convinced you have no feelings
I’m convinced you’re like a robot unable to feel
I’m too sensitive and that may be true
I’m sensitive, but mainly it’s pretty much about and around you.

Days go by and they know they’re holding thier breath
Hours go by with no single whisper sorry
The other says sorry all the time
The other says I’ll breathe you new air

It’s ironic how we could disappear
Ironic how we love, to be tested by fear
Eagles fly high up in the air
Though some just wants to be infested

She goes, she stays, she does nothing
He stays, he leaves, he holds with baited breath
The little one queries why the noise
The little one feels the anger
She knows something isn’t right
She knows not to stir the latter

We hold on, years the same
We hold on, everytime it gets better
Better like it fix that short moment
Better the simple infactutation

Just the simple infatuation

It’s just a simple beautiful infatuation

September 15, 2009

Incredible Seconds

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credit: Darvin Atkeson (via Flickr)

Incredible, the second you said a few words to me.
It’s like I finally understand what “missing a person” really do mean.
I don’t really understand this, as I believed to have this feeling
only for someone whom is really close or near as can be.
A neighbour, a partner, a family close at hand.
But whenever we meet, it’s rather like a solved mystery.
I have the answers by my stand, sometimes; literally.

I attempted to write lyrics the other day.
On someone else I like, just simply; for display.
It’s not the same, I’ve been stumped out.
There’s no smiles in those lines, not as I found out.
Writing about you, it’s simple and true.
The one I noticed to always be around,
when I don’t ever expect you to be.

I like how we just “talk”, you know? Out of thin air?
Like, just blending our personalities; smiling and care.
I’ve to be honest, I won’t take any credit.
I believe what’s special is simply you; there’s nothing I’d edit.

August 30, 2009

Loneliness in Motion

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Glance at the past, sneak to the future
Moments to last, moments that matter
Here I see you, waiting on me
Could it be? You are waiting for me?

Snow on Sahara
Heat on Antarctica
Dancing the night away
Working the day the same way

credit: tatiannanasr☆ (via Flickr)

Is there more to life than what is happening?
Can there be more to live for than all that’s fading..
away.. like water drying out
Like fire burning out

There’s no place to run to for peace of mind
There’s no haven on earth unless you do the crime
It’s a typical world of intuition and emotion
A feeling of loneliness.. when you’re not there anymore

Though I feel you, though I think you feel it too
Though it’s possible, it’s also probable
That there’s no hope me being there

There’s no.. faded chances
second glances
good answers

credit: olystad (via Flickr)

Leave the simple compassion
Love more beauty than fashion
Let there be heated passion

Until there’s light in my tunnel
Until I get strong enough to break through this hell hole

I won’t be able to meet you; my love
and I think..

it’s gonna take some time.. if I’m gonna be
doing this..


August 23, 2009

Separately Together

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Years been through yet we are loving each other
Spending all the days having fun, joking, seems forever
The nights we go back to our own and get frozen
Can’t do much with the partners we have chosen

Never even a simple caress
Best friends? Like playing chess
We’re not lovers, but we’re holding hands
Not friends, never even had demands

A word we use to join two people
No fun anymore, not simple
so called eternal bond, we lost the joy
routine, like a grown up playing a toy

Separately Together

credit: єммy (via Flickr)

The time never came and it’s always been a wonder
How we could steal a vacation away, like we’re clever
Back in time to hold our partner’s hand
Questions? Answers predetermined to stand

How could we go on like this
The smiles and laughters and bliss
In day we’re fine, smile, “cheese”
Alone a while and we’re amiss

Decided to stand by to isolation
The days are numbered and mentioned
Each number closing to one
We each feel like lifting a ton

A day to crush, a week to cheer
A month too much, a year to steer
This time the future is truly unclear
How will it be like when you’re not here?

August 22, 2009

Emotional Spunk

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Spend all your time waiting for that second chance
For the break that will make it ok
There’s always some reason to feel not good enough
And it’s hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction oh beautiful release
Memories seep from my veins
They may be empty and weightless and maybe
I’ll find some peace tonight

This is what I think about you
Fair skin, short hair, spunky till your feeling’s bare
Companionship’s a price when you’re alone
Friendship’s the strength to cope through the zone

You’re always here and there like I don’t understand
Like you care but you don’t see the signs there
You feel your own heart to the simplest beat
Knowing that there’s always a new dare or feat

You live your life like an adventure
Once, I missed out on most of your venture
One moment we seemed like together
Next few days it feels like I’m just the weather

I can’t understand and I don’t think I want to
In some ways there’s no reason to be angry at you
You’re innocent, lollipop licking, fun girl
I meant you no harm, yes; I had a whirl

I’ve to stop the spin, there’s no time to waste
I can’t take the complicated imagination taste
Sometimes it’s like I’ve been hiding behind a rose bush
Some colleague had given me a little push

Wanted to believe, always skeptical of a lie
Now come to think of it, I’m alone with a sigh
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating you or so
I like you a lot, it’s so obvious; I gotta go

I wish you couldn’t figure me out
But you always wanna know what I was about
I wish you’d hold my hand when I was upset
I wish you’d never forget
the look on my face
when we first met
I wish that you knew when I said two sugars
Actually, I meant three

July 6, 2009

Earth’s Companion

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Earth's Companion

credit: breezeDebris (via Flickr)

It’s three weeks to past since I last seen you
A month to last to prove that indeed my feeling’s true
Does it take a year to know for sure what’s real inside?
Does it take forever? to know you and I, meant to be right?

In past, or future; there is no rules that may apply
Simply invigorating, fallen in love; just by eye to eye
True colors blend in, much like a rainbow’s path
There’s nothing fake from the start, no; not even the laugh

Here I am; in the comfort of Moon’s obsessions
Within the company of pearls, I’ve made my confessions
A walkabout; a view of life; among the good teachers
Coming back home, with clear mind of your features

I ran the mile; can’t stop to smile, thinking of that while
When you appear, like a seer; I see my future so clear
I’ve no way, no how, in mind; feels like a complete lure
Yet I’m determined, to ensure that it’s more than just a tour

A clear understanding to connect the space in between
As smooth flow of water, as strong blow of the wind
Certainty of trust and romance, no matter where we reside
Risk to be taken, connecting the dots to this new divide

So hear me now, it’s not a simple literature
Just a clear concise expression of caricature
Be it clumsy, or funny; whatever it’d be
Together you know it’ll be different – a guarantee

“It’s not as if the whole Earth doesn’t see that” – Venus

June 29, 2009

Heartache Everytime I Know

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credit: emilygrace (via Flickr)

I visited her blog today
Two postage of broken hearted poems
It’s been months since I “brave” away
Just kept thinking why can’t it be simpler

I feel really small now
Like the world is getting bigger
My 15 inch laptop screen seem so big
Everytime I get news on her

Heart hurts and not level headed
So light like Hydrogen
Can’t think of anything else
But what can I do when there’s nothing else?

She wanted to see me she says
Though for months I’ve tried to meet her
The last message she tells me, it’s cruel
That she wanted to see me for a short, “or else”
How could she be so?
How can I be so gullible?

I’m not sure if I’d fall in love anymore
Though I do hope so
I feel what I feel is what I miss inside me
So much more to explore
So much more I’m keeping inside
So hurt, but what’s the use?

She’s always so angry
She’s always so high
Why can’t she see I’m not happy?
Why does she denies all of “my”?

I gave up on expression
Yet to feel empty inside as I keep it
Now there’s nothing I want to hold back to

I want to free my life from you

Be gone from me

I want to live free
Please express your love to me
No more “Fine, let it be!”

I wish she’d come down
I wish she stop lying to herself
I wish she’s happy
I suppose I should stop wishing if I want her happy now

So I’ve seen the signs..
Yet I deny the truth..
until I see the pictures..
It’s clear now that it’s just no use.

Feelin’ Hurtful.

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