July 22, 2015

We Do (Love You)

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I can’t stop thinking what it’d be like being you
Different and wrongly fixed, feeling red and blue
Knowing we’ve got your life under our control, but we haven’t much the choice
Feeling you’re ready to be alive but you’re silenced by the noise

We hope one day our future show better light
Abortion because of abnormality shouldn’t be right
I could see your future now, it shines dimly with fear
The shame and pain for you sounds way too much to bear

So I tell you now, my apologies to our little girl
We did what could do, but end up in a insane swirl twirl
Often times we wished, hoped, prayed – to be brave
That there’d be a miracle; you’d be normal, good and be saved

Dreaming of those gorgeous face and laughter, we’d long to hear and see
Like our 2 year old here, she’s everything we wish we’d have and be

When we close our eyes, we know you’re actually here
No matter what happened; we declared you, our missing dear
Remember us, we will remember you the same
Everyone’s trying to survive in this crazy game

So please again, dear Lord. We ask for forgiveness through our prayers
We meant her good intentions, living life good through without repairs
If there’s an angel – again, I ask of you to help her
We’ve done all we could to spare everyone’s life in tear

So here’s forgiveness
So here’s to the lives we live to love
So here’s to compassion
For everyday we feel purely thereof

I often wonder again – why must it be? Something
Sometimes I think too much and felt the pain of Nothing
I sincerely think no one else should be hurt from all this void
Be loved and forever normally overjoyed

Then there is the life we live
Then there’s everyone we’re with
Then there’s the emotions we bear
All just because we care

God, Thank you for your blessing
Clearing our minds instead of stressing or guessing

Understood by heart. For it must be true
That with love, we know what can we do
That for love, we know Just what must we do

We do
Love you

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