July 22, 2015

Until Your Heart Stops Beating

Posted in Personal Lyrics, Personal Post tagged , , at 4:36 pm by LynxLee


We felt so excited to feel you move inside
Smiling, laughing, we’ve filled ourselves with might

Hear that strong heartbeat brings us joy
We’ve even bought you so many toy

See those hands and legs wiggle as we check you on month by month
You’ll have much great fun with your sis as you want

You were a strong one
You were a good girl
You were innocent
You were so active
We loved you just the same

For that reason too, we loved to have to hold you
But life isn’t that easy to begin with
Turns out life isn’t that easy to end as well

To know you’re all intact
To know you’re almost perfect
Then hearing you got an organ shuffle
Almost hard to bear, but we said we will take good care

Next steps showed us life isn’t compatible with you
Such severe words never reached our thoughts too
So it ends where it began again

Tomorrow we will be facing the end
Hoping you’ll be an angel sooner then
Baby baby guess you’ll be in a better place – ascend

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