September 7, 2014

Thinking Aloud in Silence

Posted in Personal Lyrics tagged , at 1:17 am by LynxLee

No, who cares about the simple things
No one cares about the hurt it brings
No one thinks about the sad goodbyes
It won’t matter no matter how many tries

Misty eyes and blurred future
All the changes and weak faces
Covered by the happy lies
Depressed by the mixed ties

Everyone wants to be perfect
It won’t matter how to change your perception
In the end, you feel infatuation
A short feel of love is like the strange infection

All the food you’ve consumed won’t change who you are
All the workout won’t make the look better
Simple things could Bend your future
Complicated and tears of alligator

Why can it be so complicated?
The simplicity is completely overrated
I think I’ve reached my peak of patience
I am ready for my full confessions

All the pain inside my heart has been burning my soul
All the shame inside my pride has been locked inside as told
I feel I need the freedom to mention
All I wanted was a full expression

I guess you’re reading this and you’re torn to wonder
If I’m lost or you’ve found your answer
It’s hard to say
I’m born to obey
I want a way
And I’m not



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