September 6, 2014


Posted in Personal Lyrics tagged , at 11:19 pm by LynxLee

Waiting for that light romance
Swimming in the distant sea
Keeping your mind intact
Feeling like you’re crazy in fact

Dream the dream you have been wanting
Sleeping so that you can be anywhere else
Holding on to fresh new lies
Letting go of bad new cries

She’s mad and I mean the second
He’s crazy and I mean not for her
They’re busy with babies to life
They’re tickled by the thin disguise

You pretend, you come to ask simply
You come not wanting to fix anything not broken
Though my heart doesn’t bleed
It does beats hard like it’s been beaten

How you ignore the face is truly a travesty
How you play me like I’m to play back the game
We discussed, a lot, but for what, I wonder
We discuss so that you can only ponder
I hold a grudge, I hold a grudge until it’s fixed
I hold my breath until you’ve done thinking I’m ok
I’m not ok, and you’re clearly ok with that
I’m ok now, because you’re done pretending to be ok so we spoke

You do nothing, once again, like you always do
You leave, pretend and play the game of simulation
I wait and I hope you make a move
I wait, sometimes to be filled by you

Your apology always smells of fraud
Your apology is pretend like the obvious face you feed me
Most of all, your curse is all I get
Your course of action is mainly defence and retaliation

I’m convinced you have no feelings
I’m convinced you’re like a robot unable to feel
I’m too sensitive and that may be true
I’m sensitive, but mainly it’s pretty much about and around you.

Days go by and they know they’re holding thier breath
Hours go by with no single whisper sorry
The other says sorry all the time
The other says I’ll breathe you new air

It’s ironic how we could disappear
Ironic how we love, to be tested by fear
Eagles fly high up in the air
Though some just wants to be infested

She goes, she stays, she does nothing
He stays, he leaves, he holds with baited breath
The little one queries why the noise
The little one feels the anger
She knows something isn’t right
She knows not to stir the latter

We hold on, years the same
We hold on, everytime it gets better
Better like it fix that short moment
Better the simple infactutation

Just the simple infatuation

It’s just a simple beautiful infatuation

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