May 24, 2010

Change of Heart

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After four years of updating this blog, I have decided to migrate my blog over to Blogger, as has limitations. Below are my new blogs:

  1. My personal blog –
  2. My lyrics blog –

Thanks for visiting so far and hope you visit my new ones as well.




Just in case anyone was finding for “Change of Heart” lyrics, here’s Cyndi Lauper. =P

This track has a strange familiarity to Paula Abdul’s Straight Up..

“Lost in a dream
Don’t know which way to go
If you are all that you seem
Then baby I’m movin’ way too slow”

Here I am
Just like I said I would be
I’m your friend
Just like you think it should be
Did you think I would stand here and lie
As our moment was passing us by
Oh I am here

Waiting for your change of heart
It just takes a beat
To turn it around
Yes I’m waiting for your change of heart
At the edge of my seat
Please turn it around

Days go by
Leaving me with a hunger
I could fly
Back to when we were younger
When adventures like cars we would ride
And the years lied ahead still untried
While I stand here

Waiting for your change of heart…

Blind leading blind
Never hear the laughter
Search through time
Nothing reveals the answer
If it’s truth that you’re looking to find
It is nowhere outside of your mind
I bide my time
Waiting for your change of heart…



  1. Leighton said,

    Hello! Again. I left a comment For You earlier. Again i like Your Style. i listen to lots Of Different Music. Jewel trough to Heavy Metal!.

    I’ll ba Back!.

    Take Care!.

    • LynxLee said,

      Hey mate! Thanks for visiting and dropping these comments! I’m pretty excited to know someone shares the same hobby and interests as I do. I’ll start visiting your blog. Just subscribed. Add me in Facebook, dude. I’d appreciate it.

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