September 15, 2009

Incredible Seconds

Posted in Images, Personal Lyrics tagged at 9:16 pm by LynxLee

credit: Darvin Atkeson (via Flickr)

Incredible, the second you said a few words to me.
It’s like I finally understand what “missing a person” really do mean.
I don’t really understand this, as I believed to have this feeling
only for someone whom is really close or near as can be.
A neighbour, a partner, a family close at hand.
But whenever we meet, it’s rather like a solved mystery.
I have the answers by my stand, sometimes; literally.

I attempted to write lyrics the other day.
On someone else I like, just simply; for display.
It’s not the same, I’ve been stumped out.
There’s no smiles in those lines, not as I found out.
Writing about you, it’s simple and true.
The one I noticed to always be around,
when I don’t ever expect you to be.

I like how we just “talk”, you know? Out of thin air?
Like, just blending our personalities; smiling and care.
I’ve to be honest, I won’t take any credit.
I believe what’s special is simply you; there’s nothing I’d edit.



  1. nicely said. (:

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