August 30, 2009

Loneliness in Motion

Posted in Images, Personal Lyrics tagged , at 8:27 pm by LynxLee

Glance at the past, sneak to the future
Moments to last, moments that matter
Here I see you, waiting on me
Could it be? You are waiting for me?

Snow on Sahara
Heat on Antarctica
Dancing the night away
Working the day the same way

credit: tatiannanasr☆ (via Flickr)

Is there more to life than what is happening?
Can there be more to live for than all that’s fading..
away.. like water drying out
Like fire burning out

There’s no place to run to for peace of mind
There’s no haven on earth unless you do the crime
It’s a typical world of intuition and emotion
A feeling of loneliness.. when you’re not there anymore

Though I feel you, though I think you feel it too
Though it’s possible, it’s also probable
That there’s no hope me being there

There’s no.. faded chances
second glances
good answers

credit: olystad (via Flickr)

Leave the simple compassion
Love more beauty than fashion
Let there be heated passion

Until there’s light in my tunnel
Until I get strong enough to break through this hell hole

I won’t be able to meet you; my love
and I think..

it’s gonna take some time.. if I’m gonna be
doing this..



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