August 23, 2009

Separately Together

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Years been through yet we are loving each other
Spending all the days having fun, joking, seems forever
The nights we go back to our own and get frozen
Can’t do much with the partners we have chosen

Never even a simple caress
Best friends? Like playing chess
We’re not lovers, but we’re holding hands
Not friends, never even had demands

A word we use to join two people
No fun anymore, not simple
so called eternal bond, we lost the joy
routine, like a grown up playing a toy

Separately Together

credit: єммy (via Flickr)

The time never came and it’s always been a wonder
How we could steal a vacation away, like we’re clever
Back in time to hold our partner’s hand
Questions? Answers predetermined to stand

How could we go on like this
The smiles and laughters and bliss
In day we’re fine, smile, “cheese”
Alone a while and we’re amiss

Decided to stand by to isolation
The days are numbered and mentioned
Each number closing to one
We each feel like lifting a ton

A day to crush, a week to cheer
A month too much, a year to steer
This time the future is truly unclear
How will it be like when you’re not here?


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