July 23, 2009

Samantha James – Deep Surprise

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I have been listening to her album for quite some time now. This is one of my most favourite songs to relax to. It’s such a feeling of warmth and comfort to it. I just felt like relaxing, star-gazing.. dreaming… Indeed I’m happy I found someone who’s such a good surprise. A deep surprise.

take me on a ride inside your heart, tonight
just you and me,
take me to live inside the truth.

sugar, I wanna taste the way you feel inside,
all through the night
forget about the time just close your eyes

sugar, always
though my heart, it breaks, baby

oh, let me be the one to come alone
let me be such a deep suprise

as the world you know begins to cry tonight
just let it be, if you wanna grow it all must die

sugar, we can come alive inside your dreams tonight,
live to believe you are the only one for me


  1. Marco said,

    Hi Daniel ! nice to meet u.. my names is Marco, i’m from Italy.
    I love this song, and i think exactly what you have written over.


    • LynxLee said,

      Hey Marco ! Thanks for dropping by. =) Glad you like my music taste. I had to share the songs that affects me in some way.

  2. Zahrah said,

    Hi Daniel! I just found this song too! It’s just absolutely so beautiful and breathtaking at the same time! I LOVE it! It really just makes me want to enjoy a beautiful sunset or enjoy a walk at twilight…

    Have a good one!

    • LynxLee said,

      Glad you like it. I fell in love with some of her songs the moment I heard it too.

  3. Jan said,

    Hi! Do you know where i could download the album Rise? The CD is not available yet in France. So i wonder. Thanks.

  4. […] If you guys like or don’t like my previous post on Samantha James’s slow track – Deep Surprise, chances are you might love this track instead. The video editor in YouTube combined this song into […]

  5. za said,

    wow this track is jus to good for words…

  6. lisa said,

    loooove it!

  7. Daniel Ong said,

    Hi Daniel,
    Love your musical taste, I don’t know about others who listen to Deep Surprise but I find it not just relaxing but a sensual experience. In my opinion, definitely a good makeout song.
    If you like Samantha James Deep Surpirse, I would recommend the following tracks:
    Artist: Daishi Dance featuring Kat McDowell
    Track: I Believe
    Album: Tokyo Luxury Lounge 3
    Label: Grand Gallery
    Artist: Daishi Dance featuring Kat McDowell
    Track: Sunset
    Album: Daishi Dance Remix
    Enjoy! Cheers, Daniel Ong

  8. Julia said,

    Hey guys! I totally agree, it’s a very good song, but in the lyric posted one line is missing – ‘if u wanna grow, it all must die…’

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