July 11, 2009

Khalil Fong 方大同 – Love Song

Posted in Lyrics, Music Video, Personal Post tagged , at 4:58 am by LynxLee

Thanks for accompanying me through. I’m feeling much more comfortable as days go by.

Mandarin song tonight. Enjoy!



  1. Kristine said,

    how is this song spunky? *blinks* I recently just acquired this song…it’s not bad..but I think his san ren you is nicer though..heard of it before?

    But thanks! now i know the meaning of this song..=P

  2. LynxLee said,

    Nope.. I don’t really listen to chinese songs.. don’t know thier meaning or feel. Just by random. =)

    Yer welcome.

  3. A-Lex said,

    the song and lyrics tak sama la… bro >< the lyrics is for the song name 如果爱

    • LynxLee said,

      Thanks Bro.. I’m a little blur on that. I’ve removed the lyrics.

  4. kevin said,

    where are the lyrics posted ?

    • LynxLee said,

      It was the wrong lyrics. I have removed them.

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