July 6, 2009

Earth’s Companion

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Earth's Companion

credit: breezeDebris (via Flickr)

It’s three weeks to past since I last seen you
A month to last to prove that indeed my feeling’s true
Does it take a year to know for sure what’s real inside?
Does it take forever? to know you and I, meant to be right?

In past, or future; there is no rules that may apply
Simply invigorating, fallen in love; just by eye to eye
True colors blend in, much like a rainbow’s path
There’s nothing fake from the start, no; not even the laugh

Here I am; in the comfort of Moon’s obsessions
Within the company of pearls, I’ve made my confessions
A walkabout; a view of life; among the good teachers
Coming back home, with clear mind of your features

I ran the mile; can’t stop to smile, thinking of that while
When you appear, like a seer; I see my future so clear
I’ve no way, no how, in mind; feels like a complete lure
Yet I’m determined, to ensure that it’s more than just a tour

A clear understanding to connect the space in between
As smooth flow of water, as strong blow of the wind
Certainty of trust and romance, no matter where we reside
Risk to be taken, connecting the dots to this new divide

So hear me now, it’s not a simple literature
Just a clear concise expression of caricature
Be it clumsy, or funny; whatever it’d be
Together you know it’ll be different – a guarantee

“It’s not as if the whole Earth doesn’t see that” – Venus