June 29, 2009

Heartache Everytime I Know

Posted in Images, Personal Lyrics tagged at 2:03 pm by LynxLee

credit: emilygrace (via Flickr)

I visited her blog today
Two postage of broken hearted poems
It’s been months since I “brave” away
Just kept thinking why can’t it be simpler

I feel really small now
Like the world is getting bigger
My 15 inch laptop screen seem so big
Everytime I get news on her

Heart hurts and not level headed
So light like Hydrogen
Can’t think of anything else
But what can I do when there’s nothing else?

She wanted to see me she says
Though for months I’ve tried to meet her
The last message she tells me, it’s cruel
That she wanted to see me for a short, “or else”
How could she be so?
How can I be so gullible?

I’m not sure if I’d fall in love anymore
Though I do hope so
I feel what I feel is what I miss inside me
So much more to explore
So much more I’m keeping inside
So hurt, but what’s the use?

She’s always so angry
She’s always so high
Why can’t she see I’m not happy?
Why does she denies all of “my”?

I gave up on expression
Yet to feel empty inside as I keep it
Now there’s nothing I want to hold back to

I want to free my life from you

Be gone from me

I want to live free
Please express your love to me
No more “Fine, let it be!”

I wish she’d come down
I wish she stop lying to herself
I wish she’s happy
I suppose I should stop wishing if I want her happy now

So I’ve seen the signs..
Yet I deny the truth..
until I see the pictures..
It’s clear now that it’s just no use.

Feelin’ Hurtful.



  1. Mei Shang said,

    you re just too sensitive.. it is not even about you at all.. not everything have to be about you… mr. perferctionist. besides, you really taking everything too seriously but left out details on your own self.. i just dont understand how you could be so vain thinking everything must be about you..sometimes people just write to express themselve… hope you would learn how to take things easily one day… good day!!

    • LynxLee said,

      Even if it wasn’t about me, this is about you.

  2. Mei Shang said,

    thanks.. that’s nice of you for writing a poem bout me.. it doesn’t matter if its true or not, right or wrong, good or bad… most importantly.. i appreciate the fact that u took time to write something about me.. thanks.. i appreciate that.. god bless 🙂

    • LynxLee said,

      Appreciate your kind words. You’re welcome, and Thanks. God Bless.

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