December 7, 2008

Lost With You

Posted in Personal Lyrics, Personal Post tagged at 5:45 pm by LynxLee

It’s late and you’re on my mind,
It’s early and you’re always in my head,
I can’t help, but to think of you,
in the middle of the day,

Is there more to say, when everything seems good to me,
Is there more to do,
while every time I’m feeling the way I do,
Nothing’s ever been wrong.

It’s just the way it felt when we were dating,
Always seems to be so right.. even when it’s wrong..

Another day passes on so fast,
Just a simple day of sleeping,
Holding on and nothing seems to last,
Every chance it’s slipping…
to a deeper state of mind.

It’s like a waterfall, it’s calming and it’s beautiful,
Yet the rush is in my heart,
It’s like the simple rivers, always so calm and true,
flowing right from the start,

It’s right, it’s wrong,
No matter what matters, inside,
It’s always how it seems to be,
You’re right, you’re wrong,
It doesn’t seem to matter.. to me..
Cause in the end, it feels so wrong..
to be fighting..
to be arguing..
like we used to do.

It’s natural..
The way it seems to be, when both hearts merge like this.
It’s possible..
If anything could seem so complicated;
but never isolated..
until you’re gone…
until you’re not by my side..
Only by my sight..

So take this moment and be thankful for..
everything we have.
So sit down, and listen to the voice inside..
saying “Everything’s alright..”
everything’s just right..


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