October 7, 2008

Sorry, God…

Posted in Personal Lyrics, Personal Post tagged , at 1:09 am by LynxLee

Oh dear God, why must I falter so?
To be so sick with love, yet happy
Happy house is where we’re always were, always love to be
Can’t understand why I’m lost in the place I call Home

Lost in the emotions until I start to flee
Away to a paradise where only two can be
Covered in a sheet, turning off the light
The chills around while heat of passion ignite

Have you any idea why you are so?
As I know, all it is, is just illusions
Having no idea why, yet questions born
Answers to be seek and sold by charm

See, even in perfection, there is a metaphor
A certain way to see it to fulfill our needs
To find a piece to fit the jigsaw
That takes patience and heart to the core

A stage appears with no one on it
Two lonely rabbits bouncing through
One starts to dance and another acts cool
Eventually both under the same spotlight

Looking up the white ceiling, or gray sky
A bridge is steady, another one rigid
Surrounded by green trees and blue river
The color of red brings the blue feeling of quiver

How did we meet? Have we met? This you ask
But why question a good sign? we must?
Must we try to figure out the origin?
Have we no faith to see through what’s not seen?

Climb towards the summit is the goal
Driving up, follow the speed you’re told
Just to see our partner’s energy consumed
Even the simplest action are assumed

Oh dear God, I understand it now
It takes so long to comprehend why and how
To rest and to sleep, that’s the solution
Eventually when we awake, no more pollution

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