May 5, 2008

What’s Not Mine

Posted in Personal Lyrics, Personal Post tagged at 2:42 pm by LynxLee

In the dark, waiting for a light to appear.
Extremely focused on a single spot in mind.
Can’t see or understand the moment.
Having nothing to desire, yet more to set on fire.

Left with just a simple “Bye”
Replied a simple “Sigh”
That is not for me, not for me, I’d say
With heat burning our eyes, delusion applies.

Where rain comes down, a happy face frowns
Yet a frowning face smiles
So peaceful, yet like troubled waters
Seem artistic with the paint of black

In a market of people,
everything is sold off
Seems like no one is buying
So keep the hunger it will be

I’m filled with the mixed signals
I’m lost without a count
Like swimming without an island
I’ve got no land to crawl on

If the egyption calculations were right
There’s many ways to build a boat
If a mere calculations were tampered
The clothes of ours will soak

Have no idea or path,
No reason to not breathe
So drive on we all shall
Keep going to that place you hope to be

With every smile that we see,
Joy is what we feel
But what lies in the mind could it be
Nothing that moves stand still

If we desire ordinary,
Much more we have in mind
Though to accept the simple findings
All we have to do is rewind

Caves are a great place to hide out
There’s no other place for shelter
When there is rain and thunder
We hide our hearts under the cover

If a stare could be piercing,
It hurts deep into the soul,
Many more stares are hurting,
The stares later seems cold

We get lost when we’re going
But we’re found when we’re there
When we’re here, we desire some place else
So stay constant the speed we shall

Even in troubled waters,
The lies aren’t as true
But in peaceful waters,
The lies seems beautiful

Why do we even want to try?
When we don’t need to try so hard
It seems it’s better to leave it alone
Cause the chills feels to the bone

The night was so cold
When the messages reach my eyes
With no surprise it’s obvious
The later shorts are “bye”s

Like a painter paints a painting
We construct our words to perfection
With every words having no idea
No reason to find the definition

So I hear silence today
When it’s awkward to seek
Even with music in my mind
The voice makes me weak

Couldn’t look anymore
The more I see The more it hurts
To know that it’s not there
“No expressions” is the fare

I won’t take that trip anymore
The places won’t change
But the transport could be over
I think again, “Why Bother?”

Am I confused or am I crazy?
To be writing these in such a way?
The noise in my head has died
Here’s a hint that I will provide

I’m silenced by your silence.
I guess I’m on the wrong path.
I’ll re-direct my direction.
Even if there’s no laugh.


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