January 28, 2008


Posted in Personal Post tagged , , at 7:34 pm by LynxLee

It’s funny how we as people just falls in love with someone we barely know
to find that when we get to know that person, we’d be heart broken.
The feeling of forsaken fills the void of curiosity and interest.

A sign of fresh air is suddenly filled with cloud of dust, leaving us confused.
Seemingly the blow of knowing more, hurting the heart of the despair.
Sharing our stories to others and having that virus be contracted to another.

That’s how songs are formed with the little intention to make others sad,
but really is to express the feeling we feel deep inside us. Knowing,
that there certainly are others who feel the same way in the exact same time.

Instantly we know that there are always hope in our hearts for a better love.
A better future from knowing just the simple idea, that we are free..
Free to choose and free to move.. away from anyone who cause us harm.

Be liberated from the differences of obsession, anger, sadness and hurt.
To find that we really weren’t in love with that previous person we didn’t know.
But all it was is just a short connection of interest between our fantasy and reality.

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