January 2, 2008

Hady Mirza – Berserah

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I’ve to admit; this song is really one darn good song. It compliments Hady’s voice pretty well. Last year, for only two days; there was an event on 8TV (which, to be honest, I doubt any Malaysian knows about it at all.. especially those with Astro) called Asian Idol. Bringing 6 asian idols from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore and Vietnam together to compete for the first time. The performances were amazing!

Honestly, I think the Malaysian Idol; Jaclyn Victor was one of the best vocalists in the competition. I just never understood why the heck does anyone want to make Jaclyn Victor sing “Gemilang” again? I mean, we heard it over and over and over and over.. Not to say it’s a bad song.. but a new song will be much fresher. I know that the contestants are supposed to sing a second song of their native language, but hey.. Hady sang an Indonesian song. I mean, isn't Singapore's native language, English?

==Updated 11th February 2008==
I guess Singapore has multiple official languages.
Plus, Taufik Batisah is Singaporean. Check out here.
The first Singaporean Idol. Check out the story behind the song. Interesting.. Hmm..

Well, my apologies for my mistake in the first post.

Great Job Taufik! Awesome song.
Check out his original song here & here.

Also.. Does anyone in Malaysia even know about the event? I voted. Did you? Our national newspapers didn’t even mention Asian Idol at all. It’s sad to have a great event pass us by without us knowing or enjoying it.

Anywho.. Regardless everything that happen. I’ve to admit. Everyone has to be sooo shocked that Hady won this one. I was too.. but if I really think about it; I think Singapore is the one country that will pay attention to the events in their country the most. They even got two television networks participating on the show alone.

So, hey. Enjoy this song. Hady’s voice is awesome in this one.


Biarlah ku relakan segala
Walau hidupku sebuah tanda tanya
Biarpun tak mampuku bertahan
Takan pernah ku akui

Gerhana meliputi segala
Tiada lagi sinaran cahaya
Keinginan tanpa kepastian
Tanpaku rasanya ku teruskan
Ku meneruskan…

Biarlah ku relakan segala
Walau hidupku sebuah tanda tanya
Biarpun tak mampuku bertahan
Takan pernah ku akui

Masih terdamparku di sini
Tiada jalan mungkinku lalui
Haruskah hidupku dipersenda?
Mengharungi duga melanda
Ku berserah

Repeat Chorus

Tuhanku ku relakan segala
Takkan pernahku akui kalah
Percayaku yakin padanya
Dia yang menentukan semua


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  1. djoe said,

    hey im a malaysian and i pay attention to any events that includes malaysia…

  2. LynxLee said,

    Good to know there are people who actually pay attention to Malaysian’s events.

  3. Hadymple said,


    i was hady surfing when i found your blog. thank you for appreciating singapore’s talents. yes, i agree, hady sounded great in this song! allow me to post links to his acoustic performances during his birthday bash last saturday.

    i notice some misconceptions on singapore in your entry. hady sang in malay, which is one of the national languages in singapore, the other three being mandarin, tamil and english as the main language of communication. Berserah is not an indonesian song. it’s written by another singaporean, taufik batisah.

    best regards!

  4. LynxLee said,

    Ooh.. well.. thanks for letting me know.
    I didn’t know Taufik Batisah was Singaporean.
    So there are multiple national languages in Singapore? Interesting..
    Well, please allow me to re-write my wrong.

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