November 14, 2007

I Wanna Be in Love

Posted in Personal Lyrics tagged at 8:13 pm by LynxLee

I know how different this whole world is now
If I could do it all over again, you know I’d do you differently, some how

I wanna be in love
I wanna be in love
I wanna be the one to say those words to you

I want you to hold my hand
Do everything we plan
I’ll help you through every thing
Even as simple as slipping the ring

It’s been a year since I remember the feeling of love
I had a short feeling as it pass me by, a drop’s worth
The same the way everything seems to be
It seems it’s always one person to blame; me

Everyday of the nights everything pass by so fast
With so much worries of my life, I leave it all; past
The simple days were back when I love you so much
It’s automatic; the things we do, plans & such

I wanna be in love
I wanna be in love
I wanna be the one to say those words to you

The stare with a smile
The hug for a while
The words that are elated
Everything that you waited, for

If you see me again; please do know this
I miss you, yeah and I long for that last kiss
The last kiss that we promised that will end our live in pride
Just like the first one when we started, the nice feeling inside

I know I had messed up when you’re messed up
Hear me now, I tell the truth; I wish I had shut up
You did wrong, so did I; that just ain’t the way to go
it was a drama after a comedy, a seriously bad show

No use going back & I’m about that before
Just wanna make it clear, I’m not trying to make a war
I promise in a year to be the guy that I love, highest regard
& the person that you’ll love even when times are hard

I know that’s what I want and it’s obvious by this time
It’s you from the start, & I’m not gonna let this drop and whine
If it wasn’t meant to be; a second chance is all I need
Whatever you decide, I’m good; it’s agreed
At least thanks that you read, hear my plead; proceed

I wanna be in love
I wanna be in love
I wanna be the one to say those words to you

The feeling that you’re dealing, with
No concealing, all revealing
The healing that we’re sealing
So appealing to the ceiling

Just a message to God; this is how I feel about you
I’ve been bad, gone against the rules; it’s sad, but true
I’m so sorry there, but if I lost you, once is enough
But all I can do now is pray that in the future, I’ll be tough
I wanna be in love, that’s enough.

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