June 26, 2007

Elated Bluish Green Message

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It’s been ages since the last time that I saw you,
I’ll have to admit that I miss you, it’s true,
Year after year and it always feels the same,
Empty inside, but excited when I hear your name,

You may think I’m happy moving on like this,
With so much misery, masked by the bliss,
Even though I know that we’ve broken the chain,
Every single day I’m wishing, hoping to see you again,

We were together, said forever, until the ends,
Never matter if we were or weren’t simply just friends,
The Magic Eight Ball‘s results were true; it may be,
But until the end of my life, I’ll love you, even on bended knee,

Just praying daily that you’re happy is all that matters to me,
I know how it used to be like, compared to now, we wouldn’t agree,
Now you’re working so patiently, having the future that you see,
While I’m smiling, laughing at the sign that we carved on the tree,

The mark’s still there; until it’s time, it’ll go away,
But until that day, I’ll be here waiting, wishing and pray,
No I won’t pursue you, it’s an obvious reason why,
You’re in love fully, be happy, didn’t see you cry,

You’ve asked me before, the question’s answer remains true;
Yes, the sky, indeed, is always blue,
How I’m clouded by the weather in the past, I’ll never know,
But no matter how it goes in life, that sign I bought you’ll still glow,

Even my puzzle that you bought me, it still brightens my night,
I’ll still express myself now, even if it doesn’t seem right,
I have a heavy heart, can’t explain and you won’t understand,
Perhaps you do, doesn’t matter; not as we planned,

Didn’t really work, having you as my wife,
Yet I really do wish to see you in another life,
Like Amanda Perez’s lyrics, “I Pray”, I hope it to be,
Hope is all I can do, to a tolerable degree,

I know I’ve hurt you bad before & now I don’t deserve you,
It’s Karma, whatever negative I’ve been through says it’s true,
You don’t believe it, I know, but the universe’s law has no warning letter,
I deserved it, but you, you; I know you deserved better,

I’m glad you’re slimmer, it shows that you’re elated,
That’s joyful & jovial, in case the meaning’s not related,
I’m slimmer & weaker now, and it’s all your fault,
Just kidding, no offence, don’t screech your reading to a halt;

I guess I feel alright, but it hurts when I think, when I let it sink in, it’s all over me~

Yes, I’ve noticed, every 4 In The Morning when I’m free; even if it may not be about me,
I just love the lyrics that presents itself in my personal blog,
It expresses every part of my life & more largely about my love fog,

I’m home & happy, it’s time for my career;
No, no more girls, I have some kind of fear,
Thanks for everything even if you didn’t say a word,
Because in my past, my mind, I’m very happy with what I’ve heard,

    Let all bitterness, indignation,
    wrath, resentment, quarrelling
    & slander be banished from u.
    (Ephesians 4:31)

May the Lord bless u.
Take Care.

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