May 15, 2007

Happy not to be Happy

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I am happy that I am not happy. Did you understand that? Next season we will try again to win the Premiership but we know how difficult it is
– Jose Mourinho

from itv news.

I heard this quote from Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho just a while ago after the 1-1 draw of Chelsea with Everton.

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  1. baw said,

    That psychotic manager’s one kick-ass joker. I heard this comment after the chelsea-everton match. It got me laughing for a few moments…with my mom starring wide-eyed at the tv screen.. she then later laughed out loud. Its just funny… Mourinho also laughed after he said that. But seriously, I don’t really understand what he’s trying to say.. did he mean that he’s happy that he’s not satisfied cos they lose the title to Man U? LOL… what a phrase…geesh.

  2. LynxLee said,

    Lol.. he means that he is glad to know that he & his team is not happy with the results of the match; that means they care & want this really badly. That’s a good motivation for next season. So confused meh? Haha..

  3. baw said,

    no lah…think i noe liao 😛 but hearing him say that, that time i dun really get it..hahaha

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