May 9, 2007

Middle of Young & Old

Posted in Personal Lyrics tagged at 10:11 pm by LynxLee

It just isn’t the same anymore
Too much difference with time, it’s getting sore
Hurting but moving on with my life
Just can’t see how it’ll be without my wife

It’s been too long but yet I’m so fresh
Out in the market with no name in the flesh
Thinking to myself there are just too much change
Now you gotta move on alone, it’s so strange

Without a past there’s no future, it’s a must
When can we carry on with the future like the past
Sometimes I wonder how all this life works
I feel it’s better way back, even with no perks

Heck, there’s too much to think for now
Too much to dream for, the question is how?
How do we get to work ourselves up to the top
When we don’t really have much to go on & we stop

It’s a weird coincidence with no money & no time
Yet we have so much of it, just no energy to rhyme
Just do your best, that’s what they all say,
Question is, my best? Sigh, sometimes I kinda go astray

Stress, that’s what some people always express
My life, no stress, & that’s the stress
Kinda wondering to myself, what’s wrong?
I’m just lazy, I’m not weak but not strong

I try to build myself up & it’ll take some time
I don’t have time now, I’m late; got no dime
Need to get out there & just do everything I can
All my worries? push aside, make a plan

I know where I’ve been, doesn’t matter anymore
One thing I know, life doesn’t have a score
But the history is kept, only to those who know
I want my life to big as possible; like a show

Just wait & see, all we want is to be
We just need to be careful of what we don’t see
Sometimes accident is not just a car crash
Accident could be anything; it happens in a flash

Everyday everything’s changing little by little
Messages getting clearer, it’s transmittal
Don’t worry about how it’s gonna be
Just be; the way I see it, life’s ever so free

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