December 3, 2006

Josh Groban – You Are Loved (Don’t Give Up)

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I love the sincerity of this song. How it’s a song of hope.. =P Just heard it a while ago. Had to post it in. Isn’t his voice great? And the melody of this song is really good. =)

Don’t give up
It’s just the hurt that you hide
When you’re lost inside
I…I will be there to find you

Don’t give up
It’s just the weight of the world
When your heart’s heavy
I…I will lift it for you

Don’t give up
Because you want to be heard
If silence keeps you
I…I will break it for you

Everybody wants to be understood
Well I can hear you
Everybody wants to be loved
Don’t give up
Because you are loved

Don’t give up
It’s just the hurt that you hide
When you’re lost inside
I…I will be there to find you

Don’t give up
Because you want to burn bright
If darkness blinds you
I…I will shine to guide you

Everybody wants to be understood
Well I can hear you
Everybody wants to be loved
Don’t give up
Because you are loved

You are loved
Don’t give up
It’s just the weight of the world
Don’t give up
Every one is to be heard
You are loved

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  1. sa_chan said,

    Hey! Wow, I just found this song last night, and it’s my all time favorite song by Josh Groban. He’s a beautiful singer, no? His voice gives me shivers. Lol, isn’t that romantic? Anyway, check out his album “Closer”. It’s a great display of his talent.. And wonderfully written. Peace out!

  2. frenchtouch said,

    Sounds great !!

    One of my favorite song of the moment with “What about love performed” by Meat Loaf ” or “La femme chocolat” by Olivia Ruiz.

    A long time i didn’t listenning the melodious voice of Josh Groban… I loved his reperformed of Cinema Paradiso….

    About the videoclip, i don’t think it’s the original one….. Anywway it’s fit with the music…..

  3. Paul said,

    Hello? God calling…

  4. Ian said,

    you know, This is a GREAT song. its a perfect picture of Gods love to us, but its also a great picture of my love for another person… Thank you Groban for making this.

  5. Marcelle said,

    I LOVE this song! when I first heard it, I almost cried! so beautiful!

  6. I hadn’t heard this one before but Josh Groban is such a wonderful passionate musician that I’m not surprised.
    Oh, and he is gorgeous.

  7. carlo henry saru said,

    I’ve sing this beautiful song on my friend wedding last satturday night. what a glory…..

  8. dian peewee said,

    i think it’s great song and great singer…
    so deep…it’s nice to hear…
    it make us understand to another person around us
    All of us have to care each other…
    don’t give are loved….^_^

  9. chelsea hughes said,


  10. itchy said,

    for the one who kept her silence at me…

    only God knows, and God’s will…

    that i won’t give up.

  11. indri septiana said,

    what a great song sung by a great singer…
    bener2 membangkitkan semangat di saat lagi down, ya kaya kondisi gw sekarang
    Allah SWT, Tuhan kita memang tidak akan pernah meninggalkan kita, kapanpun, dimanapun…

  12. meg said,

    I like this song so much

  13. This song was originally a duet by Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush. As much as I love Peter Gabriel’s music, I much prefer Groban’s version of this song.

    In listening to this album, I found myself noting that Americans don’t really appreciate beauty as deeply as the peoples of some of the European nations. (Just an opinion, not based on any objective “evidence,” as if there could be such a thing for that statement.)


  14. heny said,

    Love this song much 🙂

  15. Elmarie said,

    This song!!! I can’t explain it. It is a very bad time in my life and this song just pulll me out of it. It is like GOD speaking from above to all his children and tell them don’t give, because you ARE LOVED!!! How beautiful it is amazing. This guy is on the right path. This song is a blessing for me and I think allot of other people. Thanks Josh you are an angel!!

  16. Norwegian Grobanite said,

    This is a very beautiful song, it’s just the magic of Josh Groban, his voice and his sencerity, I really feel like he means it when he sings this song!

  17. Ronald Smith said,

    DO Not give up

  18. Ronald Smith said,


  19. mathousca jean-baptiste said,

    This is one of the greatest song of Josh. It is very powerfull and inspirational. I listen to the album “Closer” all the time and never get it out of my mind and now come this one. Thank you, Josh for your great songs they are all have impact in my life. When are you having your next tour in NYC? I am looking foward to see you on stage again. Take care.

  20. Hannah said,

    I really like this song! The music video is beautiful as well, thought it is a bit boring. I love Josh’s songs because they are good to sing along to.
    He has such a beautiful and pure voice, he is an excellent singer!

  21. Pure said,

    First time I heard this song was this morning on the radio.

    And I loved it so much.

    After it was done, it made my feel kind of sad that it was all over. I wanted more. Like my heart was like beating and stuff. It’s weird how songs make you feel like this.

    Shows how good it is =]


  22. Mahla said,

    I don`t know what can i say!I don`t know… VERY BEAUTIFULL !! !

  23. phyllis said,

    MY GOD.

  24. phyllis said,



  25. PC said,

    Thanks a lot!!!
    I love this song verry much, and love u so much, too !^^
    Make me stronger, make me smile again…

  26. Homaira said,

    “I cant get enough of this song” I m crazy about Josh’s beautiful voice.

  27. Jejo said,

    What else is there to say….? When I hear this song, I feel loved…by God. Every stupid thing that keeps me from being happy and joyful everyday is instantly washed away…Thank You…

  28. pdp said,

    damn beautiful song means alot to me and most of us here im sure well take care everyone

  29. Mildser said,

    Well, I think this song is so beatiful… I love Him! I do really believe that everybody is loved!… It´s English! Listen every song in this album, every one is wonderfull!

  30. LUIS said,

    That’s my Idol…!!!!!!

  31. natasya said,

    thanks so much
    don’t give up it’s so great song
    it’s make me to know that GOD love me so much

  32. Bullen! said,

    Älskar denna låten så förjävligt

  33. SPQR said,

    I truly love Josh Groban’s music. He has a wonderful voice, amazing song selection, strong faith in God, and good moral values. That pretty much sums up my opinion of Josh. He has sung many songs from the standpoint of God and this is a nice addition to the collection. All I can say is keep it commin and stop makin me cry. lol That’s what tissues are for. They should come automatically with any one of Josh’s cds.


  34. varpu said,

    This is the most gorgeous and magical song of the world.
    If you listen it once, you MUST listen it again and again and again…
    I cannot stop to listen this, I want to hear the words still again:
    “Don’t give up
    It’s just the hurt that you hide
    When you’re lost inside
    I…I will be there to find you…”
    Brian Joubert, a French figure skater, performed his exhibition program in Warsaw 2007 with this song.
    I saw and heard the performance and it was so beautiful and perfect combination that at once I fell for both of them.
    I have recommended this song to my friends,
    and I would recommend it to everyone
    who wants to hear beautiful music with moving words…
    Thank you much for this music video, LynxLee! ü

    – varpu from Finland

  35. LynxLee said,

    Credit goes to YouTube & it’s users. I only compile them in my blog. Of course, major credit to Josh Groban himself. Haha… Cheers, Varpu. =)

  36. arviel said,

    For me it was not only a lovely and beautiful music, it was very timely. No matter your achievements and successes in life, a time comes when you are so down and almost out, so depressed, due possibly to some long delays or new challenges taking so much time to be actualised. The song was a timely reminder not to give up at aaaaaaaaall.

  37. Sea Shell said,

    I first ever saw this song performed by a high school show choir in my town and my god… it brough me and my boyfriend to tears. It really makes you remember that there IS someone out there for everyone. It always helps me make it though to the other side!

  38. Homer said,

    I can’t believe how he butchered this beautiful Peter Gabriel song. This is a travesty.

  39. ivan said,

    i love this song

  40. Lena said,

    His voice is like the voice of an angel……the text, the melodie and his amazing voice made his songs seem like being sent by god himself. There is always a message and a great love straightly coming from his heart behind his songs (look for : “you raise me up” or “The prayer”) This man is an angel on earth…..And he helped me through bad times….

  41. April said,

    Wow! I’ve had this song on my ipod for quite some time now but I’ve been so incredibly busy that I haven’t had a chance to sit down and listen to anything.
    I’m going through the pain and isolation of divorce. I live so far away from my family which adds to the hurt. But, on this Father’s Day, I am reminded of my Heavenly Father’s love and understanding! What a blessing!

  42. Andrew said,

    It’s amazing song…can u believe it…it’s like heaven..i just heard it 2 days ago,,,and like i searched it on google and i found that it was made from josh groban…coool~

  43. ivan said,

    lena chatmate ya??

  44. MILONA CUEVAS said,

    This song is very touching, it reach the deepest part of my heart, GOD is really amazing Why? because he uses this song to manifest his gratest LOVE for men that no matter what happen HE will never give up on us, and his trying to strenghen us thru this song. Im sure that somone can be save thru this song and will turn their life back to GOD.

    GOS is a mircacle working GOD, when it seems that giving up is the only way out then were very wrong. for GOD works in mysterious ways, we may not see his hands working but we can always thrust his heart. Im so Bless that Ive came to know JESUS as my sovereign LORD and SAVIOR, I may not acquire everything BUT to have JESUS is a great Achievement in Life.

  45. max said,

    песня супер!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. paul said,

    i made me cry

  47. LynxLee said,

    Hi Paul,
    I think you meant “It made me cry”. Haha.. =P

  48. Michael Brown said,

    This song is beautiful and inspiratioal. I am currently in a psychiatric ward dealing with extreme depression and this song has given me hope. Thanks.

  49. reymark said,

    hey!you know what josh groban,i really like all of your songs,.

  50. reymark said,

    your voice josh groban is like an angel singing.i really like this music,you know what,im am a choir member and every time i sing,i always choose your songs

  51. Homer said,

    Complete and utter crap.

  52. thiswillbemyprayer said,

    i believe deep down in my heart that josh groban and his music saved my life, and they continue to save my life.

    i dont know what i would do without it.

    – thiswillbemyprayer

    (p.s., why is it crap?)

  53. jesus my GOD put that songs in my heart everyday to remind me that JESUS WILL OVERCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! praise the lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS US

  54. Ana C. said,


    Some days ago I was very sad… these terrible days when you don’t like your live… and I listened this music… for me it sounds so beautifull and the peace I needed. Since that day I was searching for the music and the singer… and I found your site.
    What can I say more about this song?
    It seems angel´s music… so peacefull and relaxing… for me It´s an Amazing song.


    Ana (Portugal)

  55. Helena L. said,

    Some weeks ago, I was driving my car, thinking about life, and wondering about some problems… And, as so many times in my life, I felt that God wanted to give me a very important message, indirectly, through the music of Josh Groban, that just started being played in the radio. When I heard that I felt His Strength and Love… I felt so, so happy and I thanked Him for His Presence and Care for the ones who love Him. It’s an amazing song with such a Strength! Then, just after that music, started to play the music of Peter Gabriel “Don’t give up”! (Also one of my favorites…!). The message I just received was to be reinforced! Do never give up!
    I will never give up, because I’m sure about God’s Love for His children! God Bless Us, Always!

  56. erentan said,

    I like this song to, is so nice to hear, Josh Groban have great voice , do u agree??

  57. Linh said,

    My favorite at the monent. It gives me hope for that lost love I hope to return to me one day. Very inspirational. Josh’s voice is awesome. I’m getting the CD and on ipod.

  58. Roberto said,

    I image an Angel that sing this song… for us! Thank you Josh. God bless you God bless your voice. God bless all us and help us to “don’t give up” !!!!

  59. ach said,

    gx ush bca comentar ini . . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

  60. […] } For those fans of Josh Groban’s You Are Loved, you might just like this song. I remember hearing this song in my friend’s car and thought, […]

  61. robert gray said,

    what a powerful,word!!!!in these days we must more so never give up,because our answer to anything is the lord!!the world is looking,but we have the answer,JESUS!!!

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