November 24, 2006

Angelis – Angel (Arms Of The Angel)

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ANGELIS; Simone Cowell’s brain child once again! All of the kids are aged around 11 to 14 years old.

Angelis is:
Moray West, 11, from Glasgow. National Boys’ Chamber Choir, jazz pianist

Sam Adams Nye 14, from Bristol. BBC Young Boy Chorister of the Year 2005

Natalie Grace Chua, 13, from Milton Keynes. Sung in West End production of The King and I

Joe Martin, 11, from Preston. Distinction at Grade VIII singing, pianist

Camilla Seale, 12, from London. New London Children’s Choir, Highgate Choral Society, sung for the Queen

Amy Dow, 11, from Cholsey. Founder member Wallingford Chamber Choir

Check out their website; Angelis.

In the arms of an Angel, fly away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie
You’re in the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here

Spend all your time waiting for that second chance
For the break that will make it ok
There’s always some reason to feel not good enough?
And it’s hard at the end of the day
I need some distraction, oh beautiful release
Memories seep from my veins
They may be empty and weightless, and maybe
I’ll find some peace tonight

In the arms of an Angel, fly away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie
You’re in the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here

So tired of the straight line, and everywhere you turn
There’s vultures and thieves at your back
The storm keeps on twisting, you keep on building the lies
That you make up for all that you lack
It don’t make no difference, escaping one last time
It’s easier to believe
In this sweet madness, oh this glorious sadness
That brings me to my knees

In the arms of an Angel, far away from here
From this dark, cold hotel room, and the endlessness that you fear
You are pulled from the wreckage of your silent reverie
In the arms of an Angel; may you find some comfort here

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  1. Iva said,

    When I listen to this song I wanna curl up in my bed and drink hot tea. And watch the rain outside my window…

    Iva from Croatia

  2. yanush said,

    if you want to touch the sky
    fuck a duck and try to fly

  3. dragonmommie said,

    Oh man! thanks for finding this treasure! I am in the United States and have not heard of this group. This music just makes my whole body vibrate and I get the shivers.

  4. davidbdale said,

    Maybe I’m just not sensitive, but the whole idea of angels makes me bust up laughing. Add to that the horror/comic pairing of Simon Cowell and a group of exploitable children and I’m afraid to watch. Somebody else click on that link, please, and tell me what I’m missing.

  5. LynxLee said,

    Thanks DragonMommie, it’s a recommendation from a commenter in my blog. Donno from who though.. =) Haha… I bet most people didn’t know as well since everything goes so fast in the US. Haha..

    Hey DavidBDale.. You’re right.. kinda funny to think about it.. Simon Cowell with a bunch of kids.. haha.. You’re not missing much.. Not yet, I suppose.. =P



  7. jess said,

    i love this song soooo much and i just cant help singing alond with it every time i hear it. i wish i could join the group. they are so good and i really want to do somethng like them.

    hayley and rebbeca are right the boys are ded cute lol xxxx

  8. Nikki said,

    Beautifull talented children their parents must be proud.
    Very well done nicely sung, hope it is a christmas song

  9. Holly said,

    what a beautiful song

  10. Mary said,

    This is a beautiful song i love moray he is goreous and very talented !
    Im so proud of them alll

  11. Claudia said,

    This song is brilliant, lovely tune , The boys in this group is dead sweet , real cuties xx

  12. Becca said,

    Hi claudia babes , your right the guys r sweet, bestm8s for life

  13. Becca said,

    yea claudias right , your right the guys r sweet, bestm8s for life

  14. H0LLY MARTiN said,

    .×A THiNK AT S0NGS S0 SAD 😦 BUT A STiLL L0VE iT 8->! i×.

  15. This Song Makes Me Cry Lol
    It Was Played At My Grandmas Funeral And It Brings Back Loadsa Memories
    Its A Good Song But A Bit Sad
    Reminds Me Of My Grandma 😥
    x x

  16. martyn said,

    this group is just fantastic their singing is by far the very best and i hope we hear more of them let them follow in the footsteps of charlotte church will listen to them anyday of the year. i cant praise these kids enuff. i especially like cantero off their album and would like to learn it but cant get the lyrics oh well never mind i love it just the same

  17. natalie said,

    Beautiful. Nothing more said.

  18. Charlotte said,

    I’m 15 and I love to sing and in many choirs. I think these guys are brilliant and I wish I could have a chance like they have had. I wish them all the best and hope they carry on with their singing 🙂

  19. kerry-marie said,

    The girls are very good singers and the boys are too and the boys are just so cute.The reason why i like this song is because the vioces are just the right time when needed and this song was played on my grandads funeral i play this song nearly 20 times a day lol i am always up in my bedroom looking out the window to see if i can see my grandad up in heaven.
    this is to my grandad R.I.P grandad we all miss you i cry for you every day i just wish you didnt have to go yet come back please grandad we all need you at this moment of life please grandad R.I.P. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

  20. kerry-marie said,

    ill be there when your heart stops beating,ill be there when your last breaths taken away,in the dark when theres no-one listening grandad thats from nana ok i love to bits but to me your not really gone yet your still here in our hearts love you always and forever x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  21. Kara said,

    This was my uncles funeral song
    i really adore it
    when im feeling sad i put it on

  22. Pop said,

    My Boyfriend is on a life support machine dipping in and out of life, i am only 14 and i cant believe it, this song is amazing…i cant stop listerning to it, thanks x

  23. chazzy said,

    agelis is great. my boyfriend recently burie his granddad and two of their songs were played tey moved eveyone to tearsi wsh anelis well it he futue xxx

  24. Morgann said,

    Hi ^^

    I do love that song too. But I wonder… Isn’t it about suicide ? ‘Cause that’s why I understood when i heard “Memories seep from my veins”… I though the christians were against suicide >____

  25. A.T said,

    The boys in thos group are so cute with babyfaces I think the tune is lovely aswell. It makes me think of my grandad and Bethany RIP XX

  26. Mary Kate said,

    I just bought this album and can’t stop listening! I’ve shared it with my whole family in the States and can’t wait until their next cd comes out. By the way, that Moray West is so cute!

  27. [[K]]erry-[[M]]arie said,

    I Just Adore This Song The Boys Are Just So Sweet And The Girls Are Good
    This Song Was Played On My Grandads Funeral I Just Wish He Didnt Go
    Hey Grandad Just To Let You No Beaners Birthday Party Went Well But Not
    Good Enough With You Not Being There Grandad Just Please Come Back
    No-One Can Sleep With You Not Here Please Grandad Im Not Sleeping Well
    Its Not Going To Be Right With You Not Being With Us At Ireland
    I Have Tears Trolling Down My Face Because Your Not Here Grandad We Need You And Shelley Said For Me To Say Hello To You When I Speak To
    You Again So I Think Its Best I Go Now Bye Bye Rest In Peace
    R.i.p Grandad Love You Always And Forever X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x
    Love From Kerry-marie, Marie, Sheila, Mark, Beaner And Sean

  28. clare said,

    this song has sooo much meaning to me as my father passed away on christmas day and i played this song all morning of his funeral which was on the 3rd of january 2007.i have never believed in angels whatsoever until i kept finding these beautiful little white feathers all over my mums house and several in my own.thats dad letting me know he is ok and laughable as it seems i truly believe this !!!the song is lovely and sung beautifully.i agree that the parents of these children must be so proudxx

  29. Ayeesha said,

    omg this song is amazing, it reminds me so much of sad times in my life but cheers me up and helps me remember all the good times!
    I recomend that you download the live version (live at lilith fair)
    it leaves me speachless!
    sarah has an amazing voice!
    thanks xxx

  30. [[K]]erry-[[M]]arie said,

    Heya I Just Want To Say Hi To Everyone And To Say To You Grandad
    That Me And Craig Arent Together No More But Im Back With Lewis
    And Grandad People At School Are Getting Worse They Talk About You Behind My Back But I No There Talking About You Because Lucy Tells Me. Everyone Is Making My Life Worse Than What It Is I Just Wish I Could Be
    With You Well I Might Be Soon Because Kate (One Of The Bullies) Said If I
    Ever Talk About Her Behind Her Back She Will Hit Me And I Just Said To
    Her Straight Go Ahead I Dont Care She Can Kill Me For All I Care And Anyway She Was Talking About You I Just Want To Die But I Cant Because
    I Just Cant Leave Lewis On His Own Crying For Me I Just Cant Leave Him
    Anyway I Shall Be Of Now Bye Bye Everyone X x Kerry – Marie x X

  31. [[K]]erry-[[M]]arie said,

    Oh Yes And Another Thing I Forgot To Say Is And
    That Is How They Have Changed My Life And Me
    I Just Hate Life Im Being Honest Truely Love You
    Always And Forever X x X x Kerry-Marie x X x X

  32. KMD__x0o said,

    just to let you no again grandad my life is getting even worse anything that goes wrong i cant tell dad because he rings mum and tells her what i have said to him i hate him for what he has done well anyway i have made a friend with this woman today shes like 28 but we get on great together lol umm yh im single n lovin it now i just want life to end for me well me and this woman 29 years old we have gave are numbers to each other so now i have at least got someone to talk to now with out family finidin out and murray i love you bbz your great
    Lv K.M.D__x0o
    P.S. love you loads grandad and murray lol MUAH !!!!!!!!!!!

  33. amii & jakk said,

    GODD. we hate this fucking song. it’s so fucking depressing. GET SOME BACK BEATT

    the boys are grade-a butt munchers, and the girls are gonna grow up and be lesbos [omfg the next girls aloud :SS]. their almost as bad as emo bands like MCR and Biffy Clyro (whoeverthefucktheythinktheyare) :PPPPP MAJORR LOLLLLAGE

    and simon with a bunch of kids?!?!?! what a fucking kiddie-cuddler

    well to do SOMETHING in my life. oh and we could get WAYYYYY further in the music business than these kids even if we brang out happy birthday, gutted bitches.



    form amii && jakk.

    p.s. we pawn you ALL at singing anyways xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  34. Bea Rapusas said,

    When is Natalie’s birthday???

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