November 6, 2006

Pigs Will Fly!

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It’s unbelieveable! If anyone here is one of “The Star” (Malaysia) Reader, you would’ve noticed a few days ago that there is a strip where a guy named Pierce (apparently lazy guy) got an award for Student of the Month, a band starts coming out of a locker, pigs start to fly & RichAndAmy Broke Up! See here if you don’t know what I mean..

Well, it seems like Impossible Is Nothing – quoting Adidas’ Motto; is actually true.. Two of the darn good teams in the English Premier League pretty much lost a match! Chelsea lost to Tottenham & Arsenal lost to West Ham! I guess things change pretty fast. I mean, it’s like saying that Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman (the 8th time winner) lost his title to a someone else. Which he did; Jay Cutler is the new reigning champion. Feast your eyes on his muscles.. aii.. Bulky.. anyway, the unexpected happens.. So, I’m gonna hope the unexpected happens again.. Passing My Exams! Haha..

Two more unexpected things I’d like to highlight..
You know Joe Rogan, from Fear Factor? He lost a wrestling match to Andy Dick!
See here..
Also, Dave Chappelle? He got into Fear Factor and pretty much won!
See here

Okay.. I admit.. it’s disgusting & lame.. what the heck, it’s just entertainment! Haha..

Also, I’d like to recommend a movie to teenagers or people around the 20s. Check out this movie.. it’s real cool.. especially if you like magic & good looking guys & girls.. Good music in them too. Can’t wait to check out the soundtrack..

Trailer for The Covenant

Anyway… I’ve got exactly One Week to my first exam with two more coming at 13th, 14th & 21st November 2006.
I’ve decided to dump my Internet connection (it will kill me for sure). Therefore, this blog will remain static until the end of my exams.

Until then, take care everyone.. God Bless,

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  1. Jen said,

    Hi again!

    firstly, good luck wiht ur exams! i have one more in 2 days! >_> i really should be studying haha…hmmm, the covenant sounds pretty good, but i’ve never heard of it before. .

    oh. i just reread that you’re not going on the net til after ur exams, which btw is VERY smart! i should too. >_> so hope you did fine with ur exams.
    and you follow EPL?
    who do you go for? or do you not have a team?
    it was amazing yeah. Chelsea losing, giving the lead to Man U not just by goal difference now. =O but also Man U bowling out of Cardiff Cup…. i wonder who’s gonna win, not looking good for liverpool/arsenal. they have strong opponents. =(

    anyways~ i guess i’ll see an update after the 21st.

  2. LynxLee said,

    Hey Jen,

    Gr8 to hear from you again! I hope your exams went well. I had a 50% chance for both my exams today & yesterday. I’m gonna push for a better result for the coming Tuesday (last exam).

    I didn’t really post my blog but I really needed to go online. I mean, face it, even my studies include a bit of online stuff. Haha.. Anyway, wasn’t as disciplined as I planned though. =P

    Yeah, I do follow the EPL. I like every team in the EPL except Manchester United (no offence, you Man U-ers) haha.. I used to support Aston Villa & Manchester City. But now, I really like Bolton Wanderers the MOST as well as Liverpool (even when they lost to Arsenal).

    Anyway, Jen; where are you from? do you have a blog? an online profile in a community? Do feel free to add me in your friend’s list anytime.


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