October 28, 2006


Posted in Personal Lyrics tagged at 8:34 pm by LynxLee

I remember your smile,
I remember your laughter,
The way you brush your hair towards your right,
You look so adorable.

How you smile when you cry,
Even cry when you’re tickled,
All the actions that I miss them so much,
Can’t help but reminiscing you.

There are times when you will tickle me,
With your hair all over my face,
How I love the feeling of fragility,
When you’re with me I lose my mind.

It’s like heaven inside,
It’s like heaven no matter what we do,
I can’t see anything more appealing
than just be right by you.

Don’t you remember the dark times in the Highlands?
Wasn’t it fate that made us commute?
There was such weakness, such strong powerful sickness
A feeling of joy, a feeling of surrender, short call it- love

There are times when you will tickle me,
With your fingers you drive me wild
How we used to laugh for hours,
We’re wild but I’m tamed by you, so mild.

It’s so amusing how life turns out to be,
when the music is playing right behind me,
A few seconds ago, we were all in love,
A blink of an eye & there goes all I’ve been thinking of.

I just can’t forget that feeling,
I know it’s how I feel for so long,
Can’t surrender if not willing,
It’s just like these words in this song.

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