October 9, 2006

Ben Adams – I Don’t Wanna Stay

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When I heard “Sorry” from Ben Adams (formerly from A1 boyband), I didn’t really think that it’s worth adding in this blog… but this song.. now, I’d feature this song. Where emotions are tangled. I’m not a sad guy.. but heck, isn’t this how it feels like? The lyrics meant more than the “Sorry” song.. plus.. better video too. The video is a bit too high towards the end.. but everything else is ok to me.. Doing the best of what he’s good at. Emotional songs.. Hehe.. =)

I particularly like the Chorus.. well written.

–==Mid of Chorus==–
I’m not gonna die
If you don’t love me
Its just I wouldn’t
Call it living

–==End of Verse 2==–
Wont be easy
To say goodnight
To what I had thought would be
The love of my life (for ever)

–==End of Middle 8==–
And if I’m no longer welcome
Then I’ve been here too long

We fell into love
Just like dreaming
But dreaming with our eyes open wide

And it was enough
Your heart beating
like it was connected to mine

Now its changing
And I don’t know why
But I feel like I’m losing everything
I thought I had

And if I didn’t love you
It wouldn’t hurt so bad


I don’t wanna stay
Where I’m not wanted
Don’t want be
Where I don’t fit in

I’m not gonna die
If you don’t love me
Its just I wouldn’t
Call it living

Don’t want you to cry
If your not sorry
If you’ve already
closed the door

I don’t wanna stay
Where I’m not wanted
What would I be staying for?

Verse 2

I don’t wanna be
Stuck here feeling
That maybe your not so into me

For my self esteem
Cant help thinking
That maybe I should get up and leave

Wont be easy
To say goodnight
To what I had thought would be
The love of my life (for ever)


Middle 8

I wish I could reach out and touch you
But I know it would be wrong
I’d only feel an empty space
Like you’ve already gone
And if I’m no longer welcome
Then I’ve been here too long


I don’t wanna stay where I’m not wanted
What would I be staying for?



  1. kjenzz said,

    wow.. couldn’t recognize him at all!! he’s much better looking now than he did back when he was in a1.. but, haha, his voice still hasn’t changed. dont suit the macho-ish look he was going for. btw, great blog. lots of interesting clips.

  2. Kolsum Choudhury said,

    I honestly think that he is a very sexy man, but i think he needs to bring out a song that is very different but intercontinental. He has got the voice,
    but i’ve heard him say that he’s mixing all kinds of genres and coming out with amazing songs and for him to be a superstar, we need to hear it!! In his first single i felt as if though i had heard it before and that the words in the song were so predictable, because it felt like he was picking out common lines from old songs and putting it togetherto make it easier for us to know the lyrics.
    I like the song above, but for him to make big, i think he should release that after releasing a few explosive singles where everyone knows him, likes him and loves his songs.

  3. LynxLee said,

    I agree, Kolsum. Yep.. but hey, perhaps it’s not about making it big, huh? =P

  4. mhe-anne said,

    I DON’T WANNA STAY is a very good love song.. But hey Ben i want you to stay with me.. joke.. but ben got a nice job.. i hope it will release here in the philippines..

  5. Laura said,

    Ben Adams is amazing, this is what he is good at… Could listen to it over and over again!! xxx

  6. Andy said,

    Hey guys.

    I agree with some of the statements that i have read, i have followed the voices of a1 from when they first started to now, and i was guttered when they split up because there songs where amazing and they stopped with a great album when there was so much more they couldv’e done.. In my spare time i used to write songs and give them to girls i liked from the inspiration of a1 lyrics.. worked : )
    But Ben if you do read this you do have an amazing voice and you can do it out there mate.. you just need to release more songs, get recongnised again and build up your fan base.. Your songs help people and inspire people such as myself.. i’ve heard a lot about your album but i still do not know the date it is released ( it’s brutal out there ) if anybody knows gimmi a bell a4h_@hotmail.com
    cheers Andy

  7. nikka said,

    woah!!!…i love this guy since from the start…he’s so cute, and i admit that i’m hooked on him!…what can i say is that…Hey mr.Ben Adams i want you to stay with me…:-) this song is good. love ya Ben..hehe

  8. Cecilie said,

    i really like this sing and think it’s better than “sorry”. although there are other of his songs i think is even better. but great to see a video for it and the lyrics are lovely. just hope he gets to release it soon!

  9. hi,

    thnks for created this site….

    i like it…..

    i hope u will ctreate more………

    ahmmmm ben adams still cute and handsome…….
    his voice are so very amazing , never change , when i read his songs and when i hear that songs……im sad because i want to back a1 together..

    and sing together again……and visit here in the philippines…..

    A1 is the best……..

    ahm……i like “high and dry” song of a1 do u have that song?
    email me please…….

    thank you very much…..
    and more power to u, and
    keep up the good work……….

  10. Anette said,

    Is there someone how has the new Ben Adams songos?? and wants to send them to me?? 🙂 nettizvontuppen@hotmail.com

  11. kenny kristella said,

    I’ve been loving Ben since I’m in junior high school. He’s the only idol for me . but it’s too hard for me to find his CD in Indonesia . Though , i miss ben so much . I love you Ben , now and forever ……


  12. kenny kristella said,

    If there’s angel who want to send me Ben’s CD or single , no doubt I’ll be very happy and I’ll give my amazing sketch of fashion as a reply .
    My email : kenny_giraffe@yahoo.co.id
    For Ben : keep fighting Ben !!! I’ll always love U , hopefully one day I can see u.. U’ll always in my heart…

    love U,

  13. bianch said,

    hi there!
    first of all i just wanted to say welcome back BEN!
    I REALLY MISS YOU SO MUCH!ohhh inggit kayo noh?hehehe…peace!
    im a really big fan of A1 sense they were started i love thier songs so much specially ben adams.i hve all thier cd’s,videos & tapes from the very first album the’ve recorded.im quite lossing my mind,yes!(its true)when i heard and know that they were broke up.if i hve a power to pause the day,hour,minute,seconds or year just to hve A1 remain i will do that,but i dnt hold thier decission,its just like they really want to end up the band nothing to do that.but im greatfull cos ben is back w/ his new album.we hve to support BEN guyz!!!plssssssssssss…..BEN RULEZ 4EVER!!!!!!!!!

  14. OldA1fan said,

    I woz a MASSIVE, MASSIVE, fan of A1. Ever since ‘Be the first to believe’. I still have all 3 of their albums! Awww 🙂 And i ain’t letting go of them!! I especially like ‘Cherish this love’ from their ‘Make it good’ album! Ben sing’s lead vocals all the way through, if u’ve never heard it =P =P It’s a ballad. Sung in Motown style. It’s just a really sweet song! I’ll always support Ben Adams. My luv and support 4 him has never, or will eva change. He’s in my heart 4eva. Glad he wants 2 sound diffrent 2 other artist. That’s a brave try, doin it without the band (A1). Don’t give up and just keep experimenting wit new sounds! Ben 🙂 😉
    Also any Ben Adams fans who wanna swap A1 or Ben Adams pics wit me, or just wanna chat in general? If u wanna, u can reach me by e-mail at: Sw33tGurl259@hotmail.com

  15. OldA1fan said,


  16. hannah said,

    hey ben u are so sweet person and you have a beautiful voice and i love everthing about you . and i hope u win celbrity big brother . lots of love hannah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  17. Miley said,

    He is a sexy man and i love him so much


  18. MileyXXX said,


  19. Arvieleta said,

    Hey! Tnx 4 ds site! Heheh!
    By the way..
    I miss Ben so much and I luv him and A1 since to the first and I was a Nursery when they released their first album.. I missed them so much especially Ben Adams, even if he has a new hairstyle and his baby fats were gone, he became more sexier! Hehe! Keep up d good work and I wish they perform again hir in the Philippines (with Paul!) Brcause they have so many fans hir!

    Love yah! Mwah mwah! X0X0!
    (I love his song Sorry and I Don’t Wanna Stay and the A1 songs!)

  20. raggy said,

    simple, beautiful..and real ..i would like a cup of coffee with this one…

  21. elsa said,

    …i’m elsa nacion,i’m the no.1 fan of a1,… i love ban adams,he’s handsome!all of theme is cute,..ben crush kta mtgal n,…favorite q ung song mong like a rose and heaven by your side,…i love your all song,…love you i wate u here in phlippines,…love u so much!!!!!!,..

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