October 6, 2006

Meat Loaf & Marion Raven – It’s All Coming Back to Me Now

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This good song was written in 1983(the year I was born!) by Jim Steinman (a songwriter/friend of Meatloaf). As a matter of fact, we all know this song from the second version that was sang by Celine Dion. Yep, that was the second version. The first version was in a concept album’s song performed by Pandora’s Box(a band). Anyway, this third version gave a “opera” feel to it where you can feel the certain pain instead of the usual sad, mellow feel of Celine Dion’s(but I gotta admit, I like Celine’s version better.. more “beautiful”). This song has the spooky feel showing the “dark side of love”. You gotta love the songwriter, Jim Steinman. Heck, read about it if you like.. It’s All Coming Back to Me Now.

As a matter of fact, songs by Fire Inc. & Bonnie Tyler are also mostly written & produced by Jim Steinman. That explains the vibe we got with Bonnie Tyler – “Total Eclipse of the Heart” & Fire Inc. – “Tonight is What it Means to Be Young” & Air Supply – “Making Love Out Of Nothing At All”. You never heard of them? Haha.. no worries, they’ll be featured in this blog. No doubt! For now, enjoy your Meatloaf!

There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light
There were things I’d never do again but then they’d always seemed right
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than any laws allow

[Boy:] There were nights when the wind was so cold
That my body froze in bed if I just listened to it right outside the window
[Girl:] There were days when the sun was so cruel
That all the tears turned to dust and I just knew my eyes were drying up forever

I finished crying in the instant that you left
And I can’t remember where or when or how
And I banished every memory you and I have ever made

But when you touch me like this (touch me like this)
And I hold you like that (hold you like that)
It’s so hard to believe but it’s all coming back to me now

It’s all coming back
It’s all coming back to me now

There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than any laws allow
baby, baby!

If I kiss you like this (kiss you like this)
And if you whisper like that (whisper like that)
It was lost long ago but it’s all coming back to me

If you want me like this (if you want me like this)
And if you need me like that (if you need me like that)
It was dead long ago but it’s all coming back to me

It’s so hard to resist and it’s all coming back to me
I can barely recall, but it’s all coming back to me now….

But you were history with the slamming of the door
And I made myself so strong again somehow
And I never wasted any of my time on you since then!

But if I touch you like this (touch you like this)
And if you kiss me like that (kiss me like that)
It was gone with the wind but it’s all coming back to me now

It’s all coming back
It’s all coming back to me now

There were moments of gold and there were flashes of light
There were nights of endless pleasure
It was more than all your laws allow
baby, baby, baby!

When you touch me like this (touch me like this)
And when you hold me like that (hold me like that)
It was gone with the wind but it’s all coming back to me

When you see me like this (see me like this)
And when I see you like that (see you like that)
Then we see what we want to see
all coming back to me

The flesh and the fantasies
all coming back to me
I can barely recall, but it’s all coming back to me now….

If you forgive me all this (forgive me all this)
If I forgive you all that (forgive you all that)
We forgive and forget and it’s all coming back to me now

[Girl:] It’s all coming back to me now
[Boy:] We forgive and forget
[Both:] And it’s all coming back to me now….



  1. janey wilson said,

    meatloaf video and song absolutly wonderful…….. my god is rocking my world again.

  2. Ioana said,

    When I first heard it I was amazed! It’s super cool!!!

  3. Theresa said,

    I have always loved your music and still loving it. This song is great love it.

  4. Marc said,

    Great –

    Meat Loaf is fantasic

  5. Maren from Norway=) said,

    This song was great!! And that girl Meat Loaf is singing with is the norwegian artist Marion Raven. Just so you know.

  6. LynxLee said,

    I know.. the ever popular M2M’s Marion Raven. Haha.. =)

  7. stacie said,

    All I can say is, thank you for doing this song!!! Please come back to Newfoundland soon!! We need some GOOD concerts here!!

  8. Julia Simmonds said,

    Amazing, just seen it on Come Dancing. Wow what can you say, except God is rocking in heaven. Amazing operatic fantastic – rocked my socks off.

  9. LUCY said,

    when i heard it it was on stricly come dancing and i really loved the song and now i keep listening to it all the time it rocks li LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!! =]

  10. charlotte said,

    i heard this song on the strictly come dancing series and i fell in love so good and the dancing was so soulful. I’M IN LOVE!!!!!!!

  11. Carole said,

    This song goes deep into my soul. Good for Meatloaf….more, more songs like this. He has returned to those of us who always knew he could do it…again….Carole

  12. Katie said,

    So much passion. A beautiful song that will last.

  13. PLOY said,

    5 minutes of passion…I love it .
    It’s wonderful.

    que maravilloso es

  14. Kirsten said,

    TOTALLY the BEST!!!! I have always loved Meat Loaf, but this song is Wonderful!!!!! I just love listening to it!!!!

  15. Imre said,

    This Is A Very Beautiful Song Never Knew Who he was but i live in holland and i saw a programme on tv and saw him Singin and i’d Got goosebumps from the song so with other word


  16. Sonja said,

    Wow.. Really great song.
    I love this song. Their voices are really reat togheter..
    Much love,
    Sonja from Norway

  17. Robert said,

    Just been to the royal albert hall to see meatloaf, and he was amazing as ever. really did get goose bumps all over. but he said the song was origionaly written for bat out of hell 2, but they used ‘I would do any thing for love’ instead and said they wld use it for bat out of hell 3. but sadly in the mean time there was a couple of remakes.

  18. LynxLee said,

    Yeah.. I read about that.. Wikipedia.com (the link above) Haha.. But come on, ya gotta love “I would do anything for love”. I’d hate it if anyone remake or took that “gem song” as their original first. =)

  19. lucious-laydee said,

    i dnt usualy listen 2 dis music but ma mum n dad do n dat song is jst so gud!

  20. Kirsten said,

    I have let my 10 and 9 year olds (who are both into the same heavy metal/hard rock I am into) listen to this song and several other by MeatLoaf, they are both Hooked!!!! This song (agreeing with a previous comment) is PURE Passion, but MeatLoaf has always been good at Passion!!! No One will ever do this song as Perfect as this version!!!

  21. LynxLee said,

    My god.. I’m so glad there are so many Meat Loaf lovers.. I thought not much people heard of them. Haha.. Rock on, Meat Loaf!

  22. Imre said,

    i love to sing along with this song
    love his voice

  23. Jessica said,

    i absoulty love the RE-MAKE of this song. one of my favourites. and marion raven has such a beautiful voice. ive been listening to meatloaf sence i was very young, when my mother and brother got me to listen to him.

  24. czarina ara said,

    god….i rili rili love this revival version of celine dion’s it’s all coming back to me now… meatloaf truly rocks!!!!! keep it up!

  25. klip said,

    I read about Bat Out Of Hell III a few days ago, and was pleasantly surprised about this duet….it seemed good I thought then, and the video certainly proves it!
    Meatloaf certainly has not lost any of his intensity =)

  26. Dizz said,

    Dont you just love when the best come back. Dont stop Meatloaf we love ya & so does my 11 year old & 12 year old. They found my other bat out of hell discs with my collections & havent stopped playing them since. Then they found out about number 3 & they wouldnt stop asking, even thou I was gonna get it anyways.

  27. berki said,

    I love this song, its the best! I hope meatloaf does loads more songs like this. I just listened to the whole of the new album of bat out of hell 3 an its wicked! The others songs are wunderful too but this song is fabulas an definately the best of em all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Btw, this is originally meatloaf’s song but he fell out wi Jim Steinman the writer, so Jim sold it onto Celine Dion! So it ain’t a revival, its just out a little later than actually planned!
    Still the best song eva XD

  28. Karl said,

    Yeh, this song was always planned to be on a future album and was originally Loaf’s work of art … which you can tell, cos this is soooo much better than the Celine Dion version.

  29. Inge from Holland said,

    this song is really amazing… when I heard it for the first time I just fell in love with the two voices. They fit perfectly with each other.
    I didn’t like the song from Celine Dion and I love the song now.
    Meat Loaf, keep up the good work!!!

  30. alex said,

    i recon its a lovely song and it is a great video and its peaceful and relaxing.

  31. Elisabeth said,

    Thank you, Meat Loaf, for this very very beautiful song. When I was a very young girl, I loved to listen to Meat Loaf. I was to a Meat Loaf concert in Copenhagen in 1983. I never stoped listen to Meat Loaf, so I was happy to hear that about the new album. This song i one of the very best….I have let my 11 and 15 years old daugthers listen to this video – they were both impressed!

  32. x Bethan x said,

    this song is soooo luuursh… i luuuvz it….

  33. steph said,

    WOW im luvin dis version itss so gd i cnt get it out of ma head!! meat loaf rocks im 13/14 n e is fav fing 2 listen to!! x x x

  34. anne said,

    wew…that’s song was so great…their tandem was so amazing…i love the video and marion becomes mature enough together with meat loaf. the video was contrast with the real one (in mtv of celine deon). that’s cool i truly love it. continue your good work marion!

  35. sam said,

    i love this song and i love meatloaf and i have listened to his musice for as long as i can remember and i will never stop loving him and his music

  36. Mei said,

    aw … fell in love instantly with this song when i 1st heard it in American-Idol finale.

    isn’t the original singer Meat Loaf? then Celine D, then Meat Loaf again? just curious.

  37. LynxLee said,

    According to Wikipedia.org; this song is written by Jim Steinman in 1983 for Meat Loaf at 1986; but Steinman and Meat Loaf decided to use “I’d Do Anything for Love (but I Won’t Do That)” for the latter album, and save this song for Bat III.

    It was given to Pandora’s Box first for a Concept Album that will then later be recorded by other artists, particularly Meat Loaf. Steinman subsequently gave the song to Céline Dion for her album Falling into You, which upset Meat Loaf because he was going to use it for a planned album with the working title Bat Out Of Hell III.

    Then, this song is finally born!

  38. Mei said,

    yeah i thot i have heard this song before (not the Celine version).

    this version somehow gave the song a whole new different feel and life.

  39. Andrew said,

    Wow, meat Loaf took a song that essentially sucked ass with Celine Dion and made it into something amazing. This is how the sound SHOULD have been recorded. I always thought that song sounded like something Meat Loaf should sing….SO glad he did.

  40. shane said,

    I juzt love listening to this version of song… It made me listen to this every time i’m in front of the computer… nyahahaha…it rockz… pHilippines…

  41. Lena said,

    Ta piosenka poprostu jest prześliczna!!!
    That song is very beautiful!!! 🙂

  42. Susan said,

    Nice song and nice clip i loved it so thank you Meat Loaf you doing great keep going (Y)

  43. Samar said,

    best song ever heard……….!

  44. Iva said,

    My eyes fill up with tears everytime I hear it. How silly is that!?

    When you see me like this (see me like this)
    And when I see you like that (see you like that)
    Then we see what we want to see
    all coming back to me

    best part, really love it

    Iva from Croatia

  45. Zelda said,

    Sorry to break up the love-fest here, but….

    I just listened to this version for the first time, and I have to say Meatloaf’s voice sounded weak. I really don’t like Celine Dion, but in her version, her voice is so much more powerfull. I was expecting something similar – like all his other songs.

    I’m a fan of Meatloaf, but I think he could have given a better performance here.

  46. Kirsty said,

    wel im not a fan of meat loaf but i think dis is one of da best songs ever i just love it so much!!

  47. frenchguy said,

    Wake up guys! Meatloaf is good but what about Marion Raven or something. She is an extremely good singer and she’s really hot!!!

  48. Rooneyboy said,

    Have you ever seen the girl? She just make me wanna dance. Her body is just amazing and her voice is even better! Boy she’s sexy!

  49. Jannike said,

    i just have to say that this is a wonderfull song! I love to hear thoose people sing together! they are both good singers!!

  50. Jennifer said,


  51. Taylor said,

    that song is the best love song ever…. can’t believe it’s from bat outta hell 3, and marion raven’s voice is so freakin amazin… i think i’ll cover that song when im famous, but i guarantee you theirs will be better if i ever sang that song with a guy.

  52. donaldson_dancer said,

    I Love this Song!!!! 🙂

  53. xxBobby Leighxx said,

    xx Great song xx

    I love it!!!

  54. Mike L. said,

    According to rankopedia.com, the best song ever is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zep.

  55. Christy said,

    i love this song its just arrgggh fantastic ! i love it because i can sing along with the female part and its like your singing with meatloaf (my dream)

  56. khall said,

    i love this song me and my boyfriend do its our song

  57. holliie said,

    i dnt usualliie lyk dis musikk buu dis wun realliie good!! ad eard of meatloaf be4 cus ma auntie used to listen to it!! bu ad neva eard of marion raven .. she quite good actuallie

  58. Megan said,


  59. pupkarik said,

    xdvdsfvd fdgsd
    fdsaiuwa dfgdsgfs

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