September 18, 2006

Jordan Knight & Deborah Gibson – Say GoodBye

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I just heard this song from MixFM radio station. It’s a new song from two “old” artists who are so popular in the 80’s. Do you know how it feels to say goodbye but you don’t really mean it deep in your heart? It’s a debate inside you & also with your partner. This song shows that debate. Yet, what’s done is done. Even if you never meant to say goodbye; It’s GoodBye.

“Girl, I never meant to say goodbye”
“It’s all a simple misunderstanding”
“If you didn’t listen to your heart inside
then it really doesn’t matter what was on your mind”

I’ve been so lost lately
I don’t really understand baby
Where did I go wrong
I wanna talk to you
Please call
Where do I begin with you
after all that we’ve been through
I don’t think that it would be right if we
got together so suddenly
I wish that I could take back all the things that I said
and replace them with simply I love you instead

You don’t wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try
But I only wanted you to stay
then I let you just slip away
If you didn’t listen to your heart inside
then it really doesn’t matter what was on your mind
and if you need me then tell me why
Girl, I never meant to say goodbye
Mmm Oh yeah

I think about the past baby
Why we couldn’t make it last, lady
I know you still have doubts
But I’m gonna prove that we can work things out
I wanna be sure that you know what you put me through
and reveal that you intend to never let me down again
It’s clear to me and I can’t ignore
that I have to give you something I couldn’t before

You don’t wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try
But I only wanted you to stay
then I let you just slip away
If you didn’t listen to your heart inside
then it really doesn’t matter what was on your mind
and if you need me then tell me why
Girl, I never meant to say goodbye

I didn’t think that we would come to this
Ooh, no
Your eyes, your face, your smile is what I miss
Why’d you wait so long to take me back
–==Deborah & Jordan==–
It’s all a simple misunderstanding

You don’t wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try (Never wanna try)
But I only wanted you to stay
then I let you just slip away
If you didn’t listen to your heart inside
then it really doesn’t matter what was on your mind
and if you need me then tell me why
Girl, I never meant to say goodbye

You don’t wanna say goodbye
But you never really seem like you wanna try (But I never meant to say)
But I only wanted you to stay
then I let you just slip away
If you didn’t listen to your heart inside (Never meant to see you cry, never meant to say)
then it really doesn’t matter what was on your mind
and if you need me then tell me why
Girl, I never meant to say goodbye


  1. Oh… didnt expected my name will appeared in your blog. LOL… anyway. I dont really help you in anything so no need to thanks =) Life is always going ups and downs… nothing is perfect. If you had read about my stuffs, you might knew life never really be that easy like we want. But one thing we must learn to face it, accept it or if its better, forget about those bad memories and fill in new, great, and fresh memories… Er… understand what I meant? Oh well, I’m juz @#$@#% enough in English so.. here to end. I am going off to bed. Very de tired jor… ==

  2. christina said,

    very good song! i lvoe it….i wish someday my ex will say those words to me…

  3. LynxLee said,

    I wouldn’t wish my ex to say those words to me. Haha.. I’d wish we’d start a new if she ever comes back to me. As a guy, yeah.. I would say those.. only if we’re in love once again..

    Listen to Debbie Gibson..
    “I don’t think that it would be right if we got together so suddenly”

    Haha.. but yeah.. good song, isn’t it? =P

  4. sherlyna said,

    this song is awesome…i loved it since the first time i i heard of it on MixFM…what Debbie Gibson said was absolutely right..”if u didn’t listen to your heart inside..then it really doesn’t matter what was on your mind..” it really is a great it very much..(“,)

  5. Gary said,

    i’d just like to thank you for identifying this song & artiste(s) – i was hunting high n low after hearing it on mixfm!

  6. LynxLee said,

    You’re welcome Gary.

  7. Chris Taylor said,

    This song is definitely an instant classic, loved it since the 1st time I heard it and it’s words have so much meaning especially in my situation as I am seperated from my wife Esther. Although Deborah’s right when she says ..”if you didn’t listen to your heart inside..then it really doesn’t matter what was on your mind..” because there is no excuse when people say hurtful things to each other. It seems though that most people completely miss the 2nd verse because they tend to say that goodbye is goodby, but the 2nd verse is all about considering a 2nd chance, it’s just very important that the people involved really need to know what they did to hurt each other and never do it again. I do wish they would make a guy’s version of this song as well though, because this is mostly about how the guy did wrong, but that is definitely not always the case.

  8. LynxLee said,

    I think that even if they make a guy’s version, it won’t matter much, since the outcome is the same. Besides, if there is a guy’s version & the girl is wrong, it’d start to sound like “I Don’t Care” from Ricky Martin, Amerie & Fat Joe. Haha.. We can’t make a classic song for guys, simply because most girls usually just don’t look back anymore… the guy would have to sing alone. =P I mean, come on, guy’s songs are like “Just Another Day’ from Jon Secada & “Before I Let You Go” – Freestyle (Phillipines) are more of a hit.. if there would be a girl doing wrong, it’d probably be “Stay” from Lisa Loeb. I can’t find much girls songs saying sorry… really.. =P Somehow, it just seems to sound like it degrades women… Hmm..

  9. Sue Ron said,

    I love this song because meant to be me & my ex came back together ~ its so sweet to recall the memories ~

  10. Damien said,

    most ppl here are malaysian? Surprise me….
    I listen to Mix fm too, but never know is fr both of them. is a very nice song.

    wish i will never sing this song to my wife…(juz married) 😛

  11. LynxLee said,

    Congratulations Damien! =) I’m sure you don’t need to sing this song. This song is normally for the past only.. haha..

  12. sab said,

    jordan you are the best

  13. lia said,

    This is a song that instantly touched many who listens to it. I guess most men does’nt know how to express themself until it is too late.

    A very nice duet from these 2 artist of the 80s.

  14. LynxLee said,

    …and women expresses themselves too early and care-less once everything is over with. Haha.. =)

  15. lia said,

    Not all women expresses too early, some dont. i for one dont and would like to see where a relationship is heading before confirming anything. it should pretty well comes from both side.

    anyway, i’ve heard another duet from Ronan Keating and Kate Rusby titled ‘Old Over Again’, have u got that one?

    Before i forget, u’ve done a terrific job here with this Lyrical Expression! Lyrics from certain songs spell out my life experience. and music is just beautiful. Great job!

  16. LynxLee said,

    I bet you didn’t express too early because you’ve learnt your lesson. Most people are like that. Haha..

    I’ve updated “All Over Again” song in my blog. Check out the different types of languages he sing. Quite nice..

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I’m really just doing this blog for leisure.. collecting lyrics & songs.. it’s an expression. Haha..

  17. JarrEtt said,

    It is a great song!!!OH MY GOD!!!

    I’m addicted to it….

    “…I think about the past baby
    Why we couldn’t make it last…”

  18. Cruzy said,

    Great song! Does it have a video already? I’d like Jordan to stop being an ’80’s artist’, or that people stop referring to him as such. I think that with the right promotion he could be BACK internationally and be as great as he is and has always been! This song is a proof of that.
    All the best Jordan!
    When is he coming to Europe???

  19. LynxLee said,

    I bet or will have your news.. sorry dude.. I’m all the way from Malaysia.. haha.. Anyway, it doesn’t seem to me like the video is out yet.
    Yeah, I agree, Jordan Knight is a real talent! 😀

  20. Bernice said,

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I heard it on MixFM too. The lyrics are so meaningful , I wish my ex had say that I had let u slip away. I think I would slip right back into his arms right away if he said that out to me ha ha ha

  21. Jennifer said,

    HEY ppl…I really couldn’t believe that Jeff Timmons from 98degree wrote this song ‘say good bye’.

  22. LynxLee said,

    Hey.. cool fact, Jennifer..
    re-confirmed that it’s by Jeff Timmons.. yep..

  23. Lisseth said,

    I love this song!!! it is beautiful–

  24. gwf said,

    oh my god………….
    i’ve finally found the artists of this song after searching for so long.
    its such a relieve…such a gorgeous song loved by me and my mum…

  25. yuenkeng THE PRINCESS said,

    i love dis song
    i love it

  26. Sue Ron said,

    Everytime me & boyfren listen to this song, we will remember our past 17yrs. Emm, he dont know how to approuch me that time but now cant believe that we back 2gether

    I luv this song
    I luv him so muccccchhhhhh

  27. Grace said,

    this is a beautiful song, it is very meaningful to me…

  28. sabrina said,

    i love this song very much
    i have been listen to this song on radio but i don’t know who sing it
    i and my mum have search this song for two week, where can i buy this album ?
    by the way, whose song is this ? Jordan knight or deborah gibson ?

  29. LynxLee said,

    Hey Sabrina,
    I’m not sure if Debbie Gibson has this song in her album; but I’m pretty sure that it’s in Jordan Knight’s Love Songs Album. Check it out here..
    You can buy it from Amazon too.. or your local cd shop, I suppose.. =P
    I think this song is more of Jordan Knight’s song. but they both pretty much “own” it, to me.. Haha..

  30. sabrina said,

    hey, LynxLee,
    Thank you for your information.
    By the way, i also looking for a group named ” Breeze “, where can i find
    their song ?

  31. LynxLee said,

    Well Sabrina.. I’ve done a search for Breeze. there is a korean rock band called “The Breeze”, but I reckon that you’re searching for a band in the United States, erm.. my guess is that they have a MySpace site..
    There you go. let me know if I’m right. Chiowz!

  32. sabrina said,

    Thank you LynxLee, for your information.
    But the group i have been search is ” Breeze” , they sing english song only.
    Their popular song is ” Just a feeling , you take my breath away” and so now. This group only have two person. I think that ” Breeze” are one of the 90’s group like 911, MLTR, Backstreet Boy, Five, Boyzone, The Boyz, 98′ Degrees, N’sync and others.
    Do you know where can i download ” Breeze” song ?
    Please help me !!!!!!!!!!!

  33. LynxLee said,

    I believe that you’re talking about the Danish Group Breeze?
    I doubt that you can download “Breeze”‘s song.. that’s like asking for “Trademark”‘s songs..
    It’s old stuff… check the local record stores.. perhaps they have the old copies…
    If you wanna stream online, try checking here.. Last.Fm… they allow streaming of songs.. like a net radio..

  34. sabrina said,

    thank LynxLee,
    That is the group ‘Breeze’ i have been looking for but i want to
    download their song on internet.
    Do you know where i can download their song for free ?
    Or maybe i can listen to their song or watch their MTV online by internet ?

  35. magda said,

    hi LynxLee,

    like some of you here.. ive been searching high and low for the title and singer of this lovely song… i know their voice were kinda familiar to me but i couldnt figure that out!! and finally i turned to the internet to look for it cos i am sure we can find almost everything here… God answered my prayers and wallow eh,,, not only the title and artiste… u even posted the MTV here… what else can i say… really thanks!! u made my day Lynx!!! thanks again.. will be looking for the cd soon.. or mp3… anything…btw, they are really great singers..they have been quiet lately… are they married and have families? i cant really recognise Debbie..!!! haha

  36. sabrina said,

    can anyone help me ?
    I have been looking for Danish Pop duo BREEZE song for almost one year.
    Where can i hear or download their song ?
    Please help me ?

  37. Ling said,

    this song is very very nice!!!
    both of them r brilliant!!~ and of course, can’t be forgotten, Jeff Timmons is brilliant too!!~ ^^

  38. nahar said,

    what a nice song..i couldn’t say anything’s all sound so good! nice lyrics..what a nice words

  39. Ken said,

    the lyrics is very meaningful..maybe i can use them to get my gal back.:)

  40. lsa said,

    it’s such a nice song, but i dont want it’s for me n my honey.

  41. Sunil said,

    Thanks alot for putting up this song on your blog.I have been searching it for weeks.First listened it at mix fm,tried to copy the lyrics n searched for it but failed.Im so happy.Such a beautiful song.

    Thanks Alot!!!!

  42. LynxLee said,

    Cheers, Sunil.

  43. PeAtzii said,

    Dear Sabrina…
    I have been looking for this band, ‘BREEZE’ for such a year… I cannot buy any album of them at all TT-TT snick snick snick! how can I do ? I want 2 listen their song especially, ‘Always the last to know’ and ‘You take my breath away’, but I can only hv the song ‘Just a feeling’; it seems being their 1st single, but other tracks of them I quite didnt c them at all. How sad I am TT-TT

    anybody helpppppppppppppppp!!!! TT-TT

  44. sabrina said,

    Dear PeAtzii,
    Are you one of the fan for “Breeze” ?
    I have been searching for their song too, i like their song like
    ” Just a feeling” , “You take my breath away” the most.
    i have been notice this group since 90’s but i don’t search for their song because that time my computer don’t install internet.
    I also have the one of their song which is “Just a feeling”.
    i hope someday i will able to find other song which is “You take my breath away”

    can anyone please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. miez said,

    What a beautiful song…it means a lot to me.This song was dedicated to me by my ex boyfriend after so many years of trying to deny our feelings toward each other. we finally discover that our love is growing stronger..

  46. azah said,

    like this song…the lyrics and the melody are awesome…

  47. jungor_01 said,

    eeemm very nice voice..lyrics and melody very touch ..fuhhhh

  48. Edgy said,

    Awesome song..where can i download the song from?

  49. Eric said,


    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…
    BTW.. I loved the song…I slowdanced to it with my girlfriend :D:D

  50. EV said,

    Great song, can listen to it over and over and over x10000 again!
    Didn’t know that it was an 80s’ song..
    Where was I?

  51. LynxLee said,

    Nono.. the artists are popular in the 80s… but this is considered a real new song.. well.. around the day that I posted, anyway..

  52. farah said,

    i luv that song. do u have that song and would u email it to me?

  53. Celciuz said,

    This is a good an meaningful song no doubt about it.
    It reminds me of my life.
    Deborah’s lines all suites me T.T

  54. Linda frenchie said,

    I was hunting for this title since I last heard it on MixFM, even asked one of my students to find it for me. This song’s so meaningful since my hubby just divorced me for the reason unknown to me. Wish that he could take those bad memories and undo all this pain…But life must go on…..Wish with all my heart that he’ll find his true love and may he always be blissful….Je t’aime, mon cheri.

  55. Naht said,

    Heard this song a couple of times from Mixfm…unfortunately each time the DJ failed to mention the title of this song. We were looking high and low for this fantastic song…at last! thansk!

  56. ira said,

    this song reflects back my old time …..

    well like what u said….what’s done done

    n i did say goodbye

    but deep down in my heart it says the other way around

    p/s:like diz song so much!

  57. kisstine said,

    was browsing through and saw your site
    good one
    i fell for this song eversince the first time i listened to it

  58. Cherish said,

    Really like this song…such a beautiful song indeed…

  59. ruby red said,

    wish my ex can sing this song to me! LOL!…im too addicted to it now….thanks guys!

  60. elleell said,

    Really like this song…such a beautiful song indeed…really reflect my feeling..wish my ex will heard this and do explain to me the reason of leaving me..

  61. Roy said,

    Really love this song, sames goes to my girlfriend, hope we we never say goodbye to each other forever!!!

  62. manis said,

    well, this is definitely a touching song for me. i am engaged to a great guy, but yet i couldn’t really love him as much as i wanted to at this moment because i am still haunted by my past. i am still stuck thinking about my ex. recently i just found out that my ex is crazy about this song, and because of my situation he doesnt really want to say what is on his mind, and what was he thinking when he just let me slip away last time. Sometimes guys have to do something to make a girl realise that they really want the girl before it is too late. girls are not mind-reader you know? now i am more stuck knowing about how he really feels. however, no matter whether i choose to finally marry my fiance or not, this song is a closure for me – for always wanting to know what was he really thinking or feel about us.

    btw, you guys could find the BREEZE song from

  63. *joan* said,

    wow!finally i get to noe da name of dis song…
    it’s a eali nice song..
    been searching for dis song…

  64. marne driver said,

    i realy love this song it make me se how much he see in his heart. what i saying is i have had i bad start with my love and it turned bad in a sec. i fet sad and hurt i fet like i could have died near to veiw the world as it was to be . a when this song was play i fet deep strong thoughts of joy because my man i lost is my again

  65. Brandon said,

    No doubt this definitely is one of my favorite song. And what an awesome singers. Cheers for both talented singers 🙂

  66. Cheryl said,

    I like this song very much since the first time i listened it from MixFM. I’ve been searching for this song and at last……………. I’ve found it!!!!
    Great song, beautiful lyrics!!!!!!!!!

  67. Cheryl said,

    I like this song since the first time i headr it from MixFM and since then i’ve been searching for this song. At last …. i found it!!!!
    Great song, beautiful lyrics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. hafizzidane said,

    wanna see they perform live on stage during Good Morning America show…download this URL by using IDM(internet download manager), DAP(download accelerator plus) or other software… after u have done downloading this file… make sure u rename the file with (anyname).flv …not forget, u must have the flv player..enjoy the clip guys..

    got any problemo?.. just send me an e mail ..

  69. Prisca said,

    I love this song =)

  70. Prisca said,

    I love MixFM =D

  71. Prisca said,

    Anyone.. where can i download this song from?

  72. hafizzidane said,

    refer to my previous comment ma

  73. Richard said,

    This song is really touching and meaningful to me .Jez recently I have to say goodbye to a long distance girl I met. I never meant to say goodbye to hurt her. I know she have express too early but i have my reason to leave her yet i know it hurts and pain in my heart. Coz I do not want her to know my reason which will hurt her feelings more. Down inside I know I leave her for good so she can start her new life again. It sad that we have to part in this way and i will always cherish my memories of her in my heart.
    Its true a song tell us the meaning of love, sacrifice,understand and pain.
    To her in Phillipines with love from Malaysia ! God Bless You

    Thanks Lynx for me to share my comments in your blog

  74. LynxLee said,

    You’re welcome, Richard. After all, it’s the Internet. Haha.. =P I’m just having fun reading everyone’s comments on anything. It’s amazing!

    The way I see it; you’ll get what you want, in time.


  75. Joyce Lee said,

    Wow! Hi, Lynx or Dan, you are my savior!!!! I’ve been looking for this song for, like, a month? Then, it’s right here! In front of my eyes! I got no ex & no current… but I just like the song… I’m a song fanatic… Bad Day and What Hurts the Most are fantastic too!


  76. samantha said,

    i really like this songs…i want to know how to download this songs..
    thank you

  77. Prisca said,

    Where to download this song for free? >.

  78. Danguy said,

    Does anyone know how can I get their MTV? I tried to find it any where for a weeks but somehow my luck was bad… Can anyone help me here?

  79. Sabrina said,

    You can try to find their MTV in

  80. LynxLee said,

    If you want the orginal MTV, I doubt it’s out yet. If it is, you can bet it’d be on

    Anyway, if you wanna download it; well, there are two ways to download the MTV to your computer. One, use Firefox & install an extension VideoDownloader or such to download them. Either that or you can use Orbit Downloader. You can right click to download the video in .FLV format & then use GOM PLayer or FLV player to view it in your computer.

    Otherwise, if you wanna get it officially; ask MTV. =P haha..

  81. hayashi said,

    i wishh, i cud say those words to my ex..i really dun mean 2 make him slip i regret it now~ =( anyway, gud song..2 thumbs up

  82. Lauryn said,

    I hate this song! I hear it played EVERYDAY at work and I googled it just to find out who the annoying female voice belonged to.

    • Isabelle said,

      Jordan Knight is an amazing singer but I have to agree Deborah’s voice is annoying and JK would have been better off matched with another singer. I think Deborah only came aboard the project because she is super close friends with JK’s brother Jonathan Knight – both Knight brothers of NKOTB (which, since the release of this song, have made a very successful comeback in 2008 and are still touring, now with BSB – NKOTBSB).
      I have met all of them in person, including Deborah. All the guys were great fun but Deborah is nasty and a snob. She thinks too much of herself, when in reality in the 80s there wasn’t another singer to “compete” with her like you see today in the music scene. She is not a very talented singer, in my opinion.

  83. janice said,

    i heard this song in MixFM too.
    really nice song!!
    i searched all over for this song including emule, LimeWire…
    where i can find this song???!!!!!

  84. sophie said,

    i felt in love with this song the first time i heard it played on MixFm. Normally, it takes quite sometime for me to have a liking to a particular song but this one was on the spot.


    When i’m down, i listen to “Hero by Mariah Carey” (self motivation song)

    Unrequited love , listen to “Invisible Man by 98 Degree”.

    If you’re in love with that special someone but don’t know how to say it, listen to “What do i say? by Tevin Campbell” (one of my ex did played me this song in the background whenever he calls)

    if you have been dumped, listen to “You’ve Made Me Stronger by Regina” (she’s from the Philipines and her surname starts with a Ve….)

    And if you have found your soul mate and you really want to let him/ her know that you’re the one. Then you should listen to “If You’re Not The One by Daniel Bedingfield”.

    Well, i could go on and on and on with all the songs that had brought meaning to my life. There are songs that heal your souls too.

    Does anyone would like to share your motivation songs with me?

  85. […] I just love this song to bits. This is surely gonna be a classic like “Say GoodBye“. […]

  86. liam said,

    Hello all

    Just came across this site.

    I have both BREEZE albums….Just a Feeling on tape and Twice Shy on CD.


  87. Sabrina said,

    Hello Liam,

    I heard that you have BREEZE albums ( Just a feeling ).
    Do you have the MP3 for the song of ” You take my breath away” in Just a feeling album ?
    If you got the MP3, can you sent to me?
    I have search for this song quite a long time ago but i just can”t find it.
    Thank you.

  88. Sabrina said,

    Sorry Liam,

    I forget to inform you that my e-mail address is
    Thank you for your help.

  89. lnnn said,

    when is over means over… no matter how life still have to move on.

    i wish i don’t want to say this to my bf but there is a lot of worriessss between us and i don’t have confident at all.

    my love, i never meant to say goodbye..

  90. toosexytobeforgotten said,

    yes.. this song are nice.. i would say once it done its done.. those words am waiting from to him to say ‘goodbye’ arent heard till today.. imagine when the person left you without giving you any reason or a words.. by just leaving all alone speechless and by seeing him with another girl.. well what can i say.. i guess he things she better than me.. so letting it go is the best things i would do cause i belif am not the one in the lost after all, but he does *smile*

    p/s: dude!! i just love your blog.. haha

  91. Ches said,

    Wow! Thanks! Finally found the title of this song! Thanks a whole lot! Was searching it for almost 4months!

  92. Jack said,

    Hey guys,

    I’ve been searching for the song “you take my breath away” for a long time..
    If anyone has it, can you please email it to me? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.
    THank you.

  93. Jack said,

    email is

  94. Hmmm… Do you want to improve my often restaurant Wanna good joke? If a pencil and a piece of paper had a race, which would win? The pencil. (The paper would remain stationary)

  95. LynxLee said,

    Okay.. no idea why that joke is told.. but hey, thanks. =P

  96. Shins said,

    Thank you Dan..
    I love this song when the first time I heard played on MixFm. I’ve been searching for this song since last year. Unfortunately I never have chance to know the song’s title. Finally I found the song today and I’m very happy.. Everyone here also have the same feeling that hope ex will listen to this song and tell the reason..I think so and hope so..
    Sometimes certain songs have express our feeling and life..
    Dan, you’ve done a very good job on this blog.. Thank you for sharing.


  97. LynxLee said,

    Thanks Melody. Appreciate the comment. =)

  98. joey said,

    hey!!i’m finding the full lyrics!!!not this blog!!!!i HATE this (lyrics)coz it’s incomplete!!

  99. LynxLee said,

    Sorry, Joey. I kinda assume it’s complete.

  100. Alia Ilani Nasution said,

    ive been searchin high n low 4 da song. so wheres da song, man?????

  101. Shonan said,

    Very nice song..i was wondering who sang it when i heard it on mixfm..but never could hear clearly who the singers r..
    thanks 4 d lyrics..
    Alia: u can find the song at

  102. oinedes said,


    Nice to see post like this, with great conversation and so on. I find it more informative and entertaining.

    Hey, guys you can also check my ID for more free mp3 or music downloads or even listen to live streaming.

    link: yetbo4ever(dot)com

    thank you.

  103. Schedule said,

    Maybe you should edit the webpage subject Jordan Knight & Deborah Gibson – Say GoodBye LyricalExpression to more better for your webpage you make. I loved the blog post nevertheless.

  104. […] Of course, I could be wrong. Regardless, it’s a very nice track that’s on par with Say GoodBye. Don’t agree? Comment […]

  105. said,

    Thanks for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and I am waiting for your further write ups thanks once again.

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