September 13, 2006

Bad BreakUp

Posted in Personal Lyrics tagged at 4:07 pm by LynxLee

You got your love
It’s not enough for you
You got your truth
It’s just too hurtful to you
You want your security
I couldn’t give you then
Now you have your confidence
I guess you’re happy now

Here I am thinking we were meant to be
But how could we when I’m still stuck in fantasy
You love my world, my heart, my honesty
But now you hate it how it hurts to get to know me

It’s me, not you
I always knew in time
You’ll go, no clue
How it’ll ever be

Somehow I knew
That you’ll be over me
Just never realise
How easily you dumped me

I like how you make it all so perfect
I was convinced ever since we connect
You were the girl I’m gonna be with for real
I guess I never knew that you are an easy steal

How you made my life so happy
But once you left me, it’s sappy
All that I want is all you want
but it had changed after all that haunt

I never blamed you for all that you’ve done to me
In the love, my love, it’s all a messy fantasy
In reality, we both want the clarity
Now you got it because I’m not who you want me to be

All in all, I’m glad for everything in the past
Right now, I’ll move on, just another lass
Felt quite hurt but I know I hurt you more
I’m sorry, I’ll drive off, sorry I slammed the door


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  1. very nice blog!mary

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